Fortnite Fortbyte 47 Location Guide – Between a Reboot Van

Fortnite decided to add a series of 100 challenges which unlock one-by-one each day. Chances are very good that you want to hunt down each and every Fortnite Fortbyte location one by one. In this guide, we’re specifically taking at how to find the Fortnite Fortbyte 47 location. In your menu, this Fortbyte simply says “Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed battlebus.” That could be pretty much anywhere for someone who doesn’t know the map.

Of course that’s par for the course for Fortbytes. They’re not hard to find once you know where to look, but you have to actually know where to look! This one is located in the forest near Lazy Lagoon. Now let’s go over the details in our Fortnite Fortbyte 47 location guide.

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Fortbyte 47 Location – Fortnite Challenge Guide

Fortbyte #47 is hidden in the woods in quadrant Q3. Search around, it’s not hard to find now that you know the general area to look. Keep an ear out for the humming sound it makes!

Here’s a map of the location:

What Are Fortbytes?

Fortbytes are essentially a series of 100 challenges that slowly unlock over the course of the Fortnite season. And odds are that they’ll continue to appear in the future. The tasks required to find and unlock them vary from simply gaining experience points, to actually locating them on the Fortnite map. Although none of them are all that hard to collect once you actually know what to do.

And just what do you get for taking the time to complete the challenge? Why a skin, of course! What else? Completing all 100 Fortbytes this season will complete the image beneath them and unlock a mystery skin.

Other Fortbyte Locations

For info on every Fortbyte unlocked so far, head on over to our Fortnite Fortbytes guide. We will link each of the Fortbytes that can be found on the map below once they go live. So be sure to check back early and often! You never know when things may change with a game like Fortnite.

Finally, for a closer look at what else Fortnite Season 9 has to offer, head on over to our full Fortnite Season 9 guide! It has details on the Battle Pass, map changes, new features, weapons, vault changes, and more! And in the meantime, make sure to have fun out there. There’s plenty more to do and find.