Fortnite Find the Secret Door Past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines Guide

Where to find the secret door around Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite.

The Fortnite Find the Secret Door Past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines challenge is part of the Indiana Jones quests. Jones is finally joining Darth Vader as the biggest characters that are part of Chapter 3 Season 3. If you own the battle pass, you can already take part in specific quests that will unlock all sorts of rewards related to the character and the movies. The new season presents massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide explains how to solve the Shuffled Shrines puzzle in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Find the Secret Door Past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines Locations

As part of the Indiana Jones quests list, you’re tasked to find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines. The quest is obtained automatically if you own the battle pass, but only after completing the quests in Page 1. Then, you’ll have to visit the Shuffled Shrines, which is a new spot on the lower half of the battle royale map.

Here is the basic rundown to complete the Fortnite puzzle in Shuffled Shrines:

  • There are four shrines total around the area — the locations never change, but the symbols do
  • The idea is for you to find and make note of the symbols in each of the four shrines
  • Then, you need to head to the center of Shuffled Shrines and interact with the shrines there so the symbols match what you saw
  • As for the order, it starts in the southwestern corner of the map, and then goes up and to the right. Below are all the locations in order to make it easier
  • Again, the symbols are always going to be different, so don’t use my screenshots as reference for those, just the locations
  • I’ll explain how the puzzle works after the locations, so if you’re only interested in that, feel free to scroll down!

We begin with the southwestern corner of the area, where you’ll find an underground entrance. The first shrine is in one of the inner corners.

Once you’re done, head back up and start heading north (always using the map as reference for these directions!) where you’ll find the second shrine on the top corner.

From here, start moving towards the eastern side of Shuffled Shrines, where you’ll find the third symbol next to a red tent.

Lastly, the fourth symbol is on ground level all the way east, surrounded by a wooden fence.

Now, with all of these locations in mind, head over to the center of the map, which is where you’ll be able to tackle the Fortnite objective of this quest.

There are two main parts to consider here:

  • First, you need to line up all four symbols facing the opposite side of the entrance to the inner cave. Remember, if you followed the locations above in order, that’s the pattern to follow
  • Then, don’t go rushing into the chamber as there are traps — in order to avoid them, don’t step on the floor planks, which are slightly above ground and have a more pronounced color
  • I recommend just taking your time and slowly walking through the chamber, jumping whenever you can until you’re on the other side

Now, some things to consider in the chamber itself:

  • Here’s the thing: Interacting with the relic is going to activate a trap in the room, Indiana Jones style, and release a boulder that’s going to come out from the “face” on the wall behind it
  • You can avoid the boulder in Fortnite just by moving to a side and waiting until the room stops shaking. It won’t collapse, so don’t worry
  • Now, in order to find the secret door, you have to head to the right side of the relic and hit the wall that is in the upper corner (so, move in an “L” to your right when standing in front of the relic)
  • After you’ve took down the wall, you’ll find yourself in a room with two chests — this is the secret door of the challenge
  • As such, you won’t be able to complete the quest until you step inside the room, so keep this in mind so you don’t leave the chamber beforehand

That’s all you need to know about the quest. Have fun!