Fortnite Collect Floating Rings near Reality Falls Locations

How to collect floating rings near Reality Falls in Fortnite.

Fortnite Collect Floating Rings near Reality Falls is one of the quests introduced in Chapter 3 Season 3. Taking advantage of the new biomes across the battle royale map, you’re tasked to find these rings throughout the area and grab them Sonic style. The new season presents massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide explains where to find floating rings near Reality Falls and how to get them, even if you’re playing Fortnite‘s Zero Build mode.

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Fortnite Collect Floating Rings near Reality Falls Locations

As part of the fifth week of weekly quests, you’re tasked to collect floating rings near Reality Falls in the battle royale map. This sounds fairly straightforward, and thankfully, there isn’t much to worry about. The main problem is getting to the rings if you’re playing Zero Build mode, but it’s totally possible to complete the quest without building.

The objective takes place in Reality Falls, which is the area surrounding the Reality Tree. It’s very hard to miss and you’ve probably gone there countless times already. Now, the floating rings are located around the northwestern corner, both next to the waterfalls and in that area above. So, to clarify, you won’t find rings on ground level where the Reality Tree is located, but they’re fairly close.

Now, the quests tasks you to grab five of them, but they’re all floating in mid air. Don’t fret though, as if you’ve opted to ignore Build modes in Fortnite, there are a few ways to get away with it.

  • The Reality Tree: If you use one of the ziplines that take you to the top of the Reality Tree, look for the bounce mushrooms — you will not only jump off to the air, but the Reality Tree is going to take you to a short flight. From there, you can switch over to your Glider and move slowly towards one or two rings
  • Bounce mushrooms: There are bounce mushrooms around some of the rings as well, so you should definitely make use of them to get to the bigger mushrooms, and then just make a run for it and jump to grab any nearby rings
  • Geysers: There are Geysers on ground level that are super helpful for this, though keep in mind that you will fall quite rapidly, so it’s best to switch over to the glider as soon as you’re in mid-air to make the most out of it

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That’s all you need to know to complete the quest!