Fortnite Challenges and Solutions Guide – Week 9, Season 7

Well folks, we’ve entered the penultimate week of Season 7. There’s only a couple weeks left to complete your Battle Pass challenge backlog before Season 8 arrives and does whatever the heck it’s going to do. Thankfully, none of this week’s challenges are too outrageous of an ask. We personally could have done without yet another “eliminate opponents at X or Y location” challenge though. Anywho, here’s what you’ll be doing while you’re frozen inside your home this weekend:

  • Use a Sneaky Snowman in 3 different matches [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Land at Retail Row
    • Land at Frosty Flights
      • Land at Haunted Hills
        • Land at Shifty Shafts
          • Land at Dusty Divot [Free | 5 Battle Stars total]
  • Eliminate 3 opponents at Junk Junction or Retail Row [Free | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Pop 10 golden balloons [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Dance on a sundial
    • Dance on an oversized coffee cup
      • Dance on a metal dog head [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars total]
  • Get 3 shotgun eliminations [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Complete 2 timed trials in an X-4 Stormwing plane [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]

Use a Sneaky Snowman in 3 different matches

Real talk, goofing around in the snowman disguise is the most fun we’ve had in Fortnite in as long as we can remember. It’s so, so silly, and the fact that you can drive vehicles while disguised just makes it that much better. We’ve definitely fallen victim to actual ambushes enabled by the snowman, but that’s ancillary to it’s real purpose as far as we’re concerned, which is snowman-based hijinks.

Since Sneaky Snowman stacks are common, you’re bound to get some sooner or later, so just make sure and use them as soon as they hit your inventory. We can’t count the number of times we’ve tried to save a challenge item until it was useful, only to be killed before we were able to use it.

Land at Retail Row, etc

Since this is a staged quest, you won’t be able to get credit for all five locations in a single match. You can, however, get credit for landing in a location even if it isn’t the first place you actually landed, so long as you arrive there via glider redeployment. Still, the easiest way to knock this out is to just land at these locations during your first five solo matches this week. We recommend loading our handy map onto your second screen of choice to help keep the order straight. It’s way faster than the challenge menu!

Eliminate 3 opponents at Junk Junction or Retail Row

We’ve had a lot of challenges like this during Season 7, and frankly we’re pretty burnt out on them. There’s no good way to min-max these. You just gotta hope that someone else working on this challenge drops to one of these locations when you do. The best advice we can give is to keep these two places in the back of your mind, so that when the bus route crosses one of ’em, you’ll remember to drop there. Good luck!

Pop 10 golden balloons

While this challenge is demonstrably anti-party, it’s also easy enough, so we’re not complaining. Above is a map of where the eligible balloons are located around the island, and there’s way more than ten of them, so no matter where you’re dropping there’ll be some within jogging distance.

Dance on a sundial, etc

Meanwhile, dancing on municipal property is decidedly pro-party, so it’s difficult to suss out Epic’s stance with regards to partying. The locations of each dance location are marked on the map above, and remember that you don’t have to actually dance, you just have to use an emote of any kind while standing on whatever the thing is. Dancing is heavily encouraged, though. Free yourself.

Get 3 shotgun eliminations

For this week’s lone weapon-based elimination challenge, get your butt into a Team Rumble match. Since respawns are enabled, you can use the entire first storm circle to hunt for a good shotgun. Even if you die to the storm while looking, you’ll just be warped back to the action, at which point you can get into as many fights as it takes to finish the challenge.

Complete 2 timed trials in an X-4 Stormwing plane

If you liked flying through rings around the island for that other challenge a few weeks ago, you’ll love this new challenge, which is basically a more condensed version of that! There are three time trials located on opposite corners of the island, and while they’re relatively close to where Stormwings like to spawn, they’re not right there, so you’ll have to grab a plane from Frosty Flights or the airstrip near the Block and head to one of the locations we’ve marked here. Team Rumble is another good choice for this challenge, since the extremely long first circle will give you plenty of time to get a plane and complete the trial(s).

Hidden Tier

It’s an odd-numbered week, which means another hidden tier has ensconced itself somewhere on the map. In order to find it, you’ll first need to complete all seven of this week’s challenges, as well as all of the challenges in the previous weeks. Then make your way to the location marked above, and it’ll pop up once you get within a few yards of it. Happy hunting!