Fortnite Building Guide – How to Make a Durable Sniper Tower

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game all about building strong, towering structures that will protect you from incoming fire as you try to gain the high ground. For players with a marksman’s eye and a powerful Sniper Rifle to boot, one of the best ways to do this is by building a durable sniper tower for attacking incoming enemies.

Sniper towers are best built during mid-to-late game, preferably after the storm’s eye has gone through two cycles. Doing so will assure that you have enough materials to build a tower and that you won’t necessarily need to abandon it right away, which would otherwise waste your stone and metal in the process.

Fortnite Sniper Tower

Step 1: Aim for the High Ground

There’s no use creating a sniper tower if you can’t actually survey the battlefield from a vantage point. Choose a starting location that will give you enough room to check out the nearby area from a 360 degree angle. We recommend building your sniper tower on a raised incline or hill, but not necessarily at a mountain peak. This will give you enough room to snipe from a distance without having to worry about drastic bullet drop or being too far away from opponents to collect their items. Likewise, building on a hill will give you added coverage for your tower’s foundation, which is important to prevent the structure from collapsing.

Fortnite Sniper Tower

Step 2: Start With a Durable Base

You’re aiming to create a sniper tower that can withstand attacks, right? That means you want to reinforce your tower with metal or stone. Go ahead and build a 1×1 room made entirely with either material, but instead of adding a ceiling to the top, build stairs. Then, add four walls onto the second floor, jump, place a floor beneath you, and repeat the process.

You’ll want at least three floors built with metal or stone in order to keep your foundation as stable as possible, preventing enemies from knocking you down. This is incredibly important, as losing the high ground can put you at a major disadvantage during a firefight, and you can even take fall damage if you drop from over three floors. After putting down three floors, you can switch to stone or wood if you like, although we recommend the former to assure your fort is as durable as possible.

Fortnite Sniper Tower

Step 3: Build Upward (But Not Too High)

Before you start building any further upward, you’ll want to keep in mind the height that your character needs to fall in order to experience fatal damage. Characters will start taking damage after falling over three floors, while falling from over five floors will take off at least half of your character’s health. Meanwhile, falling from over six floors results in instant death. This means you want to build your tower upward, but not too high up, which will prevent you from taking extensive damage should your foundation crumble or if you need to escape from your tower in an emergency.

We recommend building an additional one or two floors to your base before wrapping things up. Once you’ve built the last floor’s four walls, build stairs in the center and stop. We’re going to teach you how to build the nest next.

Fortnite Sniper Tower


Step 4: Create the Nest

Remember how we said to stop? Instead of surrounding all four floors with walls, go ahead and lay down stairs pointing outward. You’ll want to make these with metal if possible, although stone works too if you’ve run out. These will serve as the base for your nest, so you want to make sure your opponents won’t be able to knock them out from under you. In short, don’t use wood unless you have to.

Next, select the roof option from your build mode and remove all but one tile under edit mode. This serves as the final piece connecting all four stairs together, turning them into a nest. Fill in the horizontal gaps between each staircase with this new piece, ideally with the same material you used for your stairs. Then you can go ahead, jump up from your last tower floor, and add a ceiling onto your top floor, sealing it shut.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you’ve just built your first sniper tower. You can continue building upward if you’d like by repeating steps two through four, but this should give you a sizable vantage point to pick off enemies while receiving plenty of cover.

Fortnite Sniper Tower

Optional: Build a Sniper’s Window

Want added protection? You can always build upward and create a small room on the top. Go ahead and add two additional floors, then finalize a 1×1 room by adding a ceiling instead of stairs. Then, enter edit mode and add windows by removing your walls’ middle tiles. We recommend doing this with only two windows to assure you won’t be flanked from multiple angles.