Fortnite Align the Three Mirrors Guide: How to Align the Mirrors

How to align the three mirrors in Fortnite to complete one of the Vibin' quests.

Fortnite Align the Three Mirrors is one of the Vibin’ quests introduced in Chapter 3 Season 3, which is an objective that’s related to the Part 5 objectives. Taking advantage of the new biomes across the battle royale map, you’re tasked to find recover these Relic Shards and attune them in specific locations. One of them requires you to solve a puzzle first. The new season presents massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide explains how to align the three mirrors in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Align the Three Mirrors Puzzle Explained

As part of the fifth week of weekly quests, you’re tasked to find Shards across multiple locations. This sounds fairly straightforward, and thankfully, there isn’t much to worry about. That being said, some of the objectives can be a bit confusing. One of them being aligning the three mirrors, which is a short puzzle.

Before getting to this task, you’ll have to complete the following objectives:

  • Establish Device Uplink
  • Dig up dirt piles to find the Relic Shard
  • Attune the Relic Shard
  • Establish Device Uplink
  • Block the pipes to build pressure
  • Establish Device Uplink
  • Collect the Relic Shard
  • Attune the Relic Shard
  • Establish Device Uplink

Now, go ahead and establish the Device Uplink in Sanctuary — there are multiple spots so take your pick.

Then, move all the way over to Shuffled Shrines once more. Remember the entrance to the underneath area where you find the first of the four symbols to use for the main chamber? That’s where we’re heading, just southwest of the tree itself.

The first of the three mirrors is getting two lights at once, and you can find it against the wall as soon as you go down the stairs.

Fortnite Attune the Three Mirrors 4

The second mirror is found close to the first one, just keep on heading down the stairs to stumble upon it, which is positioned on the ground itself.

Fortnite Attune the Three Mirrors 5

The third and final mirror is inside the cave itself against the corner, hanging on the wall like the first.

Fortnite Attune the Three Mirrors 6

Now, you have to collect the Relic Shard. This is found in the opposite side of the third mirror, inside the same cave as well, so don’t leave just yet.

That is all! All that there’s left to do is head over to Sanctuary again to attune the Relic Shard.

Fortnite Attune Relic Shard 15

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That’s all you need to know to complete the quest steps! Have fun completing the puzzle and continuing with other quests.