Forager Sand Guide: Where & How to Find Sand

Forager is a crafting and survival game developed by HopFrog and published by Humble Bundle. Besides being really cute, and incredibly fast-paced compared to other games in the genre, it’s also somewhat obtuse. There isn’t much of a tutorial before the game sets you off on a path to level up, buy new islands, and gather raw materials. So what should you do when you hit a roadblock? Let’s say, for instance, you want to know how to find sand in Forager. Well, our guide is here to help! Let’s take a look at how to find this somewhat elusive crafting material.

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How to Find Sand in Forager – Method 1

Sand is a fairly early in-game resource in Forager. You can get it almost as soon as you start a new profile, though the game won’t give you any decent clues to where it’s located. You probably want to find it quickly, as the material is used to smelt glass. Glass, in turn, is used to create bottles that you need to capture bugs (among other things). And besides not really hinting where to find sand in Forager, the game actually keeps it in a pretty obscure location — at least at first.

You can find sand via a couple different methods. The first and arguably easiest, however, is by fishing of all things. Luckily that’s not very hard! You just need to build some fish traps. These are among the earliest structures you can build in Forager — they don’t even require you to purchase a specific skill. They do, however, need both wood and berries to construct. And the overall number of berries required rises the more fish traps you build.

That’s a bit of a roadblock. Berries are one of your primary food options in the early moments of Forager. Your only other obvious source of energy is citrus, which is an uncommon and random drop from hacking down trees. Although beets will also begin to emerge quite quickly. Even so, odds are you’ll need to eat a berry or two before making as many fish traps as you would like. To mitigate that, make sure you burn through citrus as much as possible at first. That won’t be useful until much farther down the tech tree anyway.

The other issue with pulling sand out of the water is time. Fish traps take a while to produce anything at all, and when they do it usually isn’t sand. You’re much more likely to get fish or seaweed instead. That’s not entirely a bad thing, though! Both of those items are new sources of food that don’t require you to chop or gather. So you don’t burn energy in the search for these calories. That allows you to hoard more berries and build more fish traps; about 10 or so should be enough for most of the game.

You can also purchase the Fishing skill very early on, right after unlocking the Gathering ability, to expedite the process further. This vastly speeds up every fish trap you own — giving you both a steadier supply of food and more opportunities to pull sand.

How to Find Sand in Forager – Method 2

Fish traps aren’t your own supply of sand in Forager, either. You can also dig the stuff up directly from the source: literally. You will eventually unlock the Farming ability on the skill grid, granting you the chance to craft a shovel. This isn’t that useful until you also have a windmill to create seeds. However, once you start digging up dirt to farm, you’ll almost certainly begin to gather sand as well. The item has a chance to randomly appear any time you dig. And that only gets better as you upgrade your shovel, allowing you to dig in more places at once.

And that’s it! You should have everything you need to find sand in Forager. That’s just one step on a long road to success in the game, however. Be sure to check back later for more tips and guides. In the meantime, take care and have fun exploring every island you can!