Fire Emblem: Three Houses Costume Guide – Change Byleth’s Look

I love Fire Emblem: Three Houses so far. There’s just one thing that bothers me about it: Byleth’s stupid coat. My dude cut extra holes in his sleeves and when he sprints around the monastery, he looks like a terrible pelican that never learned how to fly. But guess what? You can, in fact, change Byleth’s outfit.

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Hey thanks for saving me but what’s up with your sleeves

How to Change Outfits in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Here’s the catch: to change Byleth’s costume, you need to have purchased the Expansion Pass, which includes the Officers Academy outfit as the first piece of DLC for the game. Once you reach the point where you’ve chosen a house to lead at the monastery, you can access your Journal in your Personal Quarters while exploring. Doing so will allow you to switch between Byleth’s default look and other costumes — the first being the Officers Academy costume provided by the Expansion Pass.

There may be other costumes you can find and unlock by playing the game, but about 30 hours in I haven’t found any. Byleth does get an even more terrible coat midway through the game, but it thankfully only appears in battle.

That said, after you finish the game, you’ll get the option to begin a New Game+. One of the benefits of doing so is the ability to freely change the appearance of your units. You’ll be able to change between your students’ pre and post-timeskip looks, and you may unlock more looks for Byleth as well. Presumably though, additional cosmetic items and costumes will be paid DLC.

So that’s how to get Byleth out of their ridiculous coat. Be sure to check out the rest of our Fire Emblem: Three Houses coverage for guides, tips, and our thoughts as we play through the game.