FFXIV Dragonsung Tools Relic Guide – How to Unlock Skysteel Upgrade

After your first upgrade comes another. This time with a cool new design and new materials to craft and gather.

The second improvements for your FFXIV Skysteel Tools will upgrade them into Dragonsung variants, finally giving the gear a new design as well as stat changes. Denys in the Skysteel Manufactory of Ishgard will once again be your go-to man for the job with a very similar upgrade method to the previous Skysteel Tools +1, only this time with more items required.

This step even uses the same scrip materials as last one, but with entirely new crafts. Again, it can be easily completed with Trained Eye at level 90 on any crafting class. Gathering classes have brand new items in new locations to obtain, but these also still involve the same mechanics and get the same boost from Gatherer’s Boon. Ultimately nothing is very new this time around — aside from some cool-looking main hand equipment.

As a reminder, you can purchase any of the materials used in crafting from the Market Board to speed up the process.

At this stage crafting classes will need to have their Skysteel +1 tool equipped to craft the next batch of items. However, gathering classes still do not require their Skysteel +1 tools to be equipped.

Once all of the materials for your desired class or classes have been obtained simply return to Denys and exchange the items in the Skysteel Prototype +1 Augmentation menu to upgrade these tools to Dragonsung.

All Skysteel Tools Steps

Upgrading Your Crafting Skysteel+1 Tools

This upgrade will require 30 of each crafted item. The ones you need to craft are different from during the previous stage but the scrip materials remain the same. At least this time around. Click on the links for each item required to see all of the crafting materials required or simply check your crafting log.

You can find the required crafting materials (e.g. Oddly Specific Petrified Logs) under the “Crafters’ Scrip (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.)” category of any Scrip Exchange (such as the one inside Radz-at-Han). Then set the subcategory to “White Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Materials). Note that the color of scrips change with each expansion.

The cost of the scrip items remains the same as in the previous step: 20 scrips per crafting material. Due to having more required crafts this time around, however, each class will require 750 scrips worth of materials — or a total of 6,000 to complete every single tool.

Class Item Required (30 Each) Scrip Material (30 Each)
Carpenter Oddly Specific Shaft Oddly Specific Petrified Log
Blacksmith Oddly Specific Fitting Oddly Specific Iron Sand
Armorer Oddly Specific Chainmail Sheet Oddly Specific Iron Ore
Goldsmith Oddly Specific Gemstone Oddly Specific Uncut Gemstone
Leatherworker Oddly Specific Vellum Oddly Specific Skin
Weaver Oddly Specific Velvet Oddly Specific Cotton
Alchemist Oddly Specific Glass Oddly Specific Quartz
Culinarian Oddly Specific Seed Flour Oddly Specific Seeds

Upgrading to Dragonsung Gathering Tools

The second upgrade for gathering classes requires a lot more items than the first upgrade. Going from 460 total items to 690 will simply make this stage take longer. Though you once again just need to gather normal items and hidden items — with 510 of them being normal items and the remaining 180 being hidden items.

The advice is again to spend your GP to increase the yield of hidden items as they are rarer and may not always appear when you want. Particularly with good node bonuses. It’s also worth mentioning that the gathering location for mining items is inside the mountain and not above it.


Normal Item Required (510 each) Hidden Item Required (180 each)

Recommended Gathering Location

Mining Oddly Specific Dark Matter Oddly Specific Striking Stone The Dravanian Forelands (X: 17, Y: 10.5)
Botany Oddly Specific Amber Oddly Specific Bauble The Churning Mists (X: 23.5 , Y: 29.5)

Fishers once again need a specific bait called Signature Skyballs to be able to catch these fish. These fish are also only available when the quest is active. It is recommended to have Cordials and/or Hi-Cordials available to maintain your Patience II buff.


  • 60 Required
  • Location: Coerthas Western Highlands (X: 8.0, Y: 10.0)
  • Fishing Hole: Dragonspit
  • Weather/Time Conditions: None
  • Bite Type: ‘!’ Bite
  • Bite Time: 12-16 seconds after casting. Overlaps with another fish.
  • Specific Advice: Keep an eye out for Ogre Horn Snails as they have the same bite window and chances as Dragonspine. Use Identical Cast when you have the fish and then Double/triple Hook to increase your yield Further.

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