FFXIV 6.11 Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate: How to Unlock, Weapons, and Rewards

Only the best Warriors of Light can stand up to these reimagined foes from Heavensward and get Ultimate Weapons of the Heavens.

Along with some notable Job changes, Patch 6.11 for Final Fantasy XIV introduces us to a new Ultimate raid — Dragonsong’s Reprise. This a remix of the major battles we faced during the Heavensward days, but with significantly increased difficulty and complexity. Bear in mind that Ultimate-level duties are intended for the hardcore FFXIV players. These are very challenging and designed to be punishing gauntlets of Savage-style fights with brand-new phases.

For the uninitiated, an Ultimate pits an eight-player party against several Savage-like bosses in succession with no breaks. A party wipe will start you back at the very beginning and it must be cleared in 120 minutes (two hours). These things take a lot of commitment and skill. For more context on these fights, be sure to read our breakdown of how dragons and their lore in FFXIV serve to create a much deeper story.

How to Unlock Dragonsong Ultimate

The conditions to access Ultimates are indicative of their difficulty. To unlock Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate), you must have cleared Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage), which is from the latest eight-player raid series, Pandaemonium. If you have done that, speak to Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan at his usual spot (X: 12.7, Y: 14.2). Of course, you can only enter the Ultimate with a level 90 Job. While the patch notes do not state a minimum average item level requirement, we can assume you need to be at average ilvl 580 or higher to enter.

Players who would even consider taking on an Ultimate probably already know the deal and how to get it started. Chances are they’ve been clearing P4S on the regular, too. But if this your first time trying an Ultimate and you dare try taking on these new versions of Heavensward foes, I hope you’re ready. You can party up for the Ultimate through the Raid Finder, but we’d suggest trying this with friends or people you can communicate with — and if possible, establishing a “static” that can commit to progressing through the duty’s various phases.

Dragonsong Ultimate Rewards (Ultimate Weapons of the Heavens)

If you clear Dragonsong Ultimate, you’re rewarded with one (1) Dragonsong Token, which you can only earn once per week. You can then turn in Dragonsong Tokens to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.6, Y: 10.0) in exchange for Ultimate Weapons of the Heavens. These are all item level 605 weapons, and there is one for each Job. Below is a list of all the weapons you can earn by clearing Dragonsong Ultimate.

Ultimate Sword of the Heavens 90 605 GLD/PLD
Ultimate Axe of the Heavens 90 605 MRD/WAR
Ultimate Claymore of the Heavens 90 605 DRK
Ultimate Gunblade of the Heavens 90 605 GNB
Ultimate Knuckles of the Heavens 90 605 PGL/MNK
Ultimate Halberd of the Heavens 90 605 LNC/DRG
Ultimate Katana of the Heavens 90 605 SAM
Ultimate Sickle of the Heavens 90 605 RPR
Ultimate Daggers of the Heavens 90 605 ROG/NIN
Ultimate Bow of the Heavens 90 605 ARC/BRD
Ultimate Heavensfire 90 605 MCH
Ultimate War Quotis of the Heavens 90 605 DNC
Ultimate Staff of the Heavens 90 605 THM/BLM
Ultimate Grimoire of the Heavens 90 605 ACH/SMN
Ultimate Rapier of the Heavens 90 605 RDM
Ultimate Cane of the Heavens 90 605 CNJ/WHM
Ultimate Codex of the Heavens 90 605 SCH
Ultimate Heavensmeter 90 605 AST
Ultimate Milpreves of the Heavens 90 605 SGE
Ultimate Shield of the Heavens 90 605 GLD/PLD

For more on this latest update, be sure to check out our breakdown of all the FFXIV 6.11 Job changes and check out the full official patch notes.