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FF7 Intergrade Fort Condor Guide - How to Get New Fort Condor Units

A new DLC story chapter for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has arrived! The story revolves around Wutai operative Yuffie Kisaragi’s attempt to infiltrate Shinra’s headquarters to steal their ultimate Materia. Set after the events of the base game, players will control Yuffie in this bite-sized adventure. While you can simply focus on beating the main story missions, the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade DLC (Titled INTERmission) comes with several side quests you can also partake. One of which is the Fort Condor mini-game, which has Yuffie battling it out against opponents in a board game. Similar to The Witcher 3’s Gwent, players can earn new units along their journey to give them a better chance at winning matches.

FF7 Intergrade Fort Condor

How to Get Fort Condor Units

You can get Fort Condor Units by either defeating players or by purchasing them from Old Snapper for Condor Coins. These are the only two ways I’ve found so far for unlocking different board pieces to use in Fort Condor matches. The former will be your most common way, as defeating a foe once in a match will reward Yuffie with one of their best pieces. Typically this is a higher tier unit like Elite Grenadiers or Elite Security Officers, which can make a pretty substantial impact during a game. You will never get a duplicate of a board piece after your first win, so make sure to battle anyone you come across.

Fort Condor opponents are represented on your map by a blue number over some ornate leaves. The number showcases their ranking and you must defeat all opponents in a certain ranking to unlock the next one. For example, you have to beat all Rank 1 players in the slums to unlock the Rank 2 players. The more players you defeat the more units and Condor Coins you’ll earn. These coins can be spent at Old Snapper to purchase new units that aren’t given out by other players. His stock seems to increase whenever you achieve a new rank of players, so make sure to visit him whenever Yuffie unlocks new opponents.

FF7 Intergrade Fort Condor

How to Equip Fort Condor Units

To equip Fort Condor units, you will need to first challenge an opponent to a game. Once you’re in the unit selection menu, hit Triangle to edit your unit loadout. What units you currently have equipped will be displayed on the left, while your collection of figures is shown on the right. You can swap out any unit for another, regardless of their type, ATB cost, and stats. Typically you will want to customize your current unit loadout to counter what your opponent is using. For example, Jesse uses a lot of Green and Blue units, making Red and Green units especially deadly against her. If you ever forget what units counter, a small chart is displayed just under your Outpost’s stats in the top right.

I recommend having a nice mix of two and four ATB costing units. The latter will make up most of your fodder, stalling enemies and dealing what damage they can. Inversely your four costing ATB units are the heavy hitters that can punch holes in your opponent’s defenses and deal major damage to their outposts. Make sure to balance the cost of your army, otherwise, someone can easily overwhelm your board with sheer numbers.

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