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FF7 Intergrade Fort Condor Guide - How to Get New Boards

A new DLC story chapter for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has arrived! The story revolves around Wutai operative Yuffie Kisaragi’s attempt to infiltrate Shinra’s headquarters to steal their ultimate Materia. Set after the events of the base game, players will control Yuffie in this bite-sized adventure. While you can simply focus on beating the main story missions, the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade DLC (Titled INTERmission) comes with several side quests you can also partake. One of which is the Fort Condor mini-game, which has Yuffie battling it out against opponents in a board game. Similar to The Witcher 3’s Gwent, players can earn new boards along their journey to give them a better chance at winning matches.

FF7 Intergrade Fort Condor

How to Get New For Condor Boards

If you’re looking to improve your chances of winning, using the right board can make a huge difference in a fight. Unlike units, you can only select one board at a time per match. This board will determine a variety of different factors such as your ATB gauge size, ATB recharge speed, the number of units you can use, and what spells are available. But just like units, boards are earned by defeating opponents or purchasing them from Old Snapper for Condor Coins. These are the only two ways to find new boards, so don’t expect to come across them during your adventure as Yuffie. Most boards will cost between 2-3 Condor Coins, so you’ll often need to decide if it’s worth purchasing units or a new board.

While it’s easy to overlook boards, I strongly recommend experimenting with the ones you acquire. The various spells they offer can typically swing entire matches if used correctly. Probably the best board is the Battalion Board II, which is given out after you defeat Roche in a match. Not only does it give you access to 7 different unit types, but it comes with four Materia spells and an absurdly high ATB starting point. You can find Roche in Pillar Plaza after you’ve defeated all Rank 2 opponents. Roche has a very aggressive playstyle backed by some pretty strong spells, so the best course is to counter his unit type and always have units on the field. My Blast-Rays did particularly well in the battle.

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Once you have the board, you can equip it once you challenge an opponent and enter the loadout screen. From here just hit R1 to cycle through your currently owned boards. The information for them will be displayed at the top, with the number of unit slots shown at the bottom. You can check out what the Materia spells do by pushing Square. I highly recommend reading through your Materia spells, since they can be quite useful in fights. Remember, the battlefield you fight on is just as important as the plastic units that die on it!

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