Fallout 76 Multiplayer Guide – How PvP Works, Nukes, Camps, & More

Fallout 76 is unlike any other Bethesda game. The developer usually focuses on large-scale, single-player RPGs, but this time the entire experience is online-only multiplayer. This leads to a lot of questions for fans of the franchise. How will PvP work? What if you die? How will Bethesda prevent griefing? All of these questions and more are answered in our Fallout 76 multiplayer guide!

Can I play Fallout 76 solo?

Sadly, at least for those who prefer single-player games, you can not. Each world can host up to 24 players that are marked on your map and can be encountered at any time.

How does PvP work?

Dealing combat damage to another player is entirely disabled until you hit level 5.

To combat griefing, Bethesda promises that the attacking player deals very little damage until the person fights back. That way aggressors have a minimal impact unless the target wants to battle. It’s still possible to kill someone who doesn’t fight back. But doing so will mark the player as a murderer, putting a bounty on their head and emphasizing their position on everyone’s map.

What happens when you die?

If you are downed, other players can revive you. If you die, you can either opt to spawn near the person that killed or respawn near your teammates (assuming you’re in a party with other players).

Dying causes you to lose any junk—the items you’re carrying to break down into resources for building—and reduces the durability of your weapons and gear. You’ll never completely lose equipment this way, though. A trip back to the repair bench will let you patch it right up. If you’re fast enough, and assuming no one else snaps it up, you can also reclaim that dropped junk.

How do camps work in multiplayer?

Fallout 76‘s new Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (CAMP) system lets you build your base anywhere. You’re no longer be limited to a few key areas around the map, such as in Fallout 4.

You can also pick up and move our camp at any time. Which is great if you happen to find a better location or just want to get away from some pesky players.

On the off chance someone has a base at the exact same location as you when you join a session, the CAMP system will automatically pack yours up and store it for redeployment. This shouldn’t happen very often. Fallout 4 was already extremely large. Fallout 76’s map is four times as large. Even with 24 total players, there should be plenty of space for everyone.

Can you join friends?

Yes! You can squad up as a group of four to roam the wasteland. This provides you with a few advantages. Missions can be completed cooperatively and you can choose to respawn near your teammates.

And yes, you can kill members of your own squad.

Are there online events?

There are a variety of random events. Get near one and it’ll start broadcasting for help. These are both randomly occurring and scripted, happening at specific places and times.

Bethesda says some of these are definitely meant for teams of players to take on together. It sounds like there may even be a few that are meant for multiple teams.

PvP is turned off during these online events, too. So you won’t accidentally blow up another squad looking to help you take down the boss.

How are enemy levels decided?

Different areas of the map have different level ranges. One might only spawn enemies between levels 40 and 50. So if you drop into that space before you’re ready, it’ll be pretty hard.

Things function a little differently in groups. The first person to enter the zone decides that area’s level range. If your high-level friend is the first to arrive, things will get extra hard. Have that person leave the zone, however, and the next person who entered will become the new measuring point.

How does selling and trading work?

There are no NPC humans in the West Virginian wasteland—only robots. So selling and trading is pretty much exclusively between players. You’ll need to barter, naming a price or offering your own goods in return.

Does VATS slow down time for everyone?

It does not! Bethesda has removed the slow motion functionality of VATS. It’s now a real-time system that simply helps with aiming.

Are there multiplayer perks?

Charisma, typically used to converse with NPCs in previous Fallout games, has been repurposed. Now it provides additional abilities in multiplayer. You can get perk cards that enhance your EXP gain when in a party, run faster, or heal teammates when you use Stimpaks on yourself. For a full explanation, check out our Fallout 76 Perks Guide.

What happens when you launch a nuke?

Bad things. Well, it’s bad for anyone caught in the blast radius. Nukes will obliterate any camps (which can be rebuilt using their blueprints), kill all players, and irradiate the area.

Aside from that, launching a nuke creates a new area with rarer drops and more powerful, radiated enemies. It is unknown how long the area stays irradiated.