Fallout 76 Bow Guide – How to Get the Bow Plans in Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s biggest update has arrived and it’s introducing actual human NPC into the game. Revolving around a hidden treasure and warring factions, this patch also includes a bow as a new weapon. This highly accurate weapon is perfect for those trying to build around Stealth or quickly dispatching foes with a single accurate hit. Unlocking the bow plans to built the weapon can be obtained either by completing a few missions or spending some caps.

How to Get the Bow Plan

You will get the bow after you complete several quests at the Wayward. These are fairly easy quests that have you exploring various locations throughout central Appalachia. Most of these revolve around you fight Scorched or Raiders, so it shouldn’t be too tricky. Once you complete the Wayward storyline and learn the fate of Crane, you’ll unlock a variety of items including the crafting plans for the bow.

For those who don’t want to wait and have the resources, you can visit one of two camps scattered throughout the world. The first place is at the Settler camp called the Foundation which is in Spruce Knob to the south and the other is the northern Raider camp built in the ruins of a crashed space station to the north. Both of these have vendors that sell the plans for a hefty 300 caps. This might be pocket change for experienced users, but it’s quite a lot for those just starting out.

Instead, we recommend just completing the Wayward questline since it’s fairly simple and does a good job introducing the new human NPCs. Alternatively, you could always buy the plan or be given it by another player in the world. Given the scarcity of this plan, it’s unlikely someone is willing to give it up, so don’t rely on finding it in someone’s C.A.M.P. vending machine.

Fallout 76 Bow

How to Build the Bow

Once you have the bow, go to any weapon crafting station to build this bow. For whatever reason, it’s located under the Machined Guns tab. Building the bow will cost you the following resources:

  • 2 Adhesive
  • 3 Aluminum
  • 6 Plastic
  • 4 Rubber
  • 4 Screw
  • 10 Wood

Remember you can build the bow at whatever is your highest level in increments of five. So if you’re level 23, the highest level your bow can be is 20. Always make sure to build your bow at the highest level so you can maximize your damage output. As for the arrows, you’ll be able to make these at the Tinker’s Workbench for 1 Adhesive, 1 Aluminum, 2 Plastic, and 3 Steel. These can be built in groups of ten, which is a decent deal for the little amount of resources you’re spending.

If you’re looking to make your bow deadlier, considering investing the in The Archer, Expert Archer, and Master Archer perks. Each of these are under the Perception stat and boost your base bow damage by 10%. This will greatly improve your effectiveness with this weapon. We recommend coupling it with any perks that boost your Sneak damage to ensure you can kill most enemies with a single arrow. It may take some time to get used to this weapon, so spend time practicing against lower-level enemies.

With some patience you will be a regular Hawkeye in no time!