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Fall Guys Slushie Bear Guide - How to Get the Slushie Bear Bundle

There are a lot of skins in Fall Guys, a lot of which are tied to the game’s two currencies, Kudos and Crowns. From the various video game crossover skins to the special golden outfits that are only awarded to those that have a lot of wins, players are always looking for the next adorable look for their bean. One of these cute looks is the Slushie Bear which is only available to those who use Twitch Prime. However, linking Fall Guys can be a little tricky since it’s not tied to another publisher’s launcher. This is mainly because the Amazon Prime link is hidden under a mountain of menus.

Here’s how to unlock the Twitch Prime Slushie Bear Bundle:

How to Get the Slushie Bear Bundle

To get this skin you’ll first need to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch account. Once that’s done, open up Fall Guys and select the gear icon in the top right corner. Now navigate down to the Profile page in the bottom left corner. You’ll see an option to link your Amazon Prime account to Fall Guys, but it cannot be done in-game. Instead, you will be given a code and told to navigate to the website above the code displayed. Upon reaching this Amazon page you’ll be asked to put the code in and then confirm you want to link Fall Guys to this account.

After you do this, return to Fall Guys to see a confirmation message that your game and account is locked. Now go here and click the blue “Claim Now” icon below the Slushie Bear Bundle. Restart Fall Guys and you should have the outfit along with 6,500 Kudos. This is the only way to obtain this outfit, so if you want to rock this cute bear costume then you’ll need a Twitch Prime account. That being said, there are a ton of skins in this game, so don’t feel too bad if you cannot get this one.

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If you’re hurting for Crowns, developer Mediatonic is also offering any player a chance to earn five Crowns for free. This is done by completing a survey about Fall Guys’ Season 3 to give the developers feedback on what you like. With the new DOOM skins in the shop, this is a terrific way to pick up one for your collection. The only thing you’ll need to do outside of the survey is to navigate back to your profile and provide your unique Fall Guys player code. Doing this allows Mediatonic to know who to actually send these rewards to. Since the survey only takes a few minutes I definitely recommend doing this, because who doesn’t like having some extra currency for new skins?

Fall Guys’ Slushie Bear Bundle is currently available until February 15th. Make sure to grab it beforehand!

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