Everything You Need to Know About League of Legends’ Preseason 2022

Preaseason 2022 isn't a spectacle, but there are pretty decent changes happening.

As days and cycles blend together, it may feel like the passage of time has lost all meaning. But worry not, League of Legends pushes on into the future with Preseason 2022, a decent sized, lower key update that signals a more concentrated and polished era of Summoner’s Rift.

The last few seasonal League launches have felt like spectacles, reshaping the map and vitally changing how players approach characters, items, and objectives. With Preseason 2022, however, Riot is aiming to produce better game systems by improving on mechanics that are already in-game, and adding better reward progression for players of all types. 

Here are the most important changes coming to League of Legends in the upcoming months.

New, Broad Progression Identity and Challenge System 

Riot is adding Challenges to League of Legends, a new goals system which sounds like the next logical step in player rewards. Challenges are bonuses based on a large range of accomplishments, and are a lot more open than the skill-based Champion Mastery and Eternals rewards systems. Collecting skins and champions, farming to high CS levels, and dodging skillshots, are some of the feats that Riot’s teasing for the upcoming Preseason.

Along with that, they want to make it easier for players to see how much they’ve invested in League of Legends (unclear if that means monetarily or through effort/playtime), and give players visible ways to track individual progress and achievements. All of these personal, stat-based cosmetics are bundled under the term “Progression Identity,” a system that Riot is focusing a lot of attention on for Preseason 2022. A notable push appealing more towards the bulk of League of Legends players who play for joy, over LP.

Objective Bounties are Being Added

One of the biggest changes this Preseason is the addition of Objective Bounties. Similar to Champion Bounties, these strategic boons are designed to give losing players a chance to redeem themselves in their darkest hour. If you’re a competitive player, don’t worry. Riot knows this is a contentious addition and commented “If you’re just that good and dominating your lane opponent and snowballing the game, that advantage shouldn’t just disappear altogether.” The dev team said they’d reign in Objective Bounties if they get too unruly and make League matches noticeably longer or shorter.

Preseason 2022 has a Deeper World of Dragons

A couple of years ago the Rise of the Elements update drastically changed how dragons work on Summoner’s Rift. Riot swiftly swapped the winged beasts from optional pocket change to coveted objectives that augment the map and decide the winning team. The development team seems generally satisfied with how dragons are currently shaking up the game, but are looking to add a few tweaks to enhance their effects and strengthen their impact. 

The two main updates planned are: developing more initial and lasting twists to the terrain so that no two matches feel the same, and thinking more broadly about what types of dragons could exist, and what bonuses they’d give players.

You get a Goredrinker! You get a Goredrinker! Everybody gets a Goredrinker!

Building on top of Preseason 2021’s Mythic Forge item overhaul, Riot is adding more Mythic and Legendary options for supports, mages, assassins, and tanks. Currently, Mythic items are a powerful first buy for most characters, but there are still quite a few in the cast who are stronger if they don’t purchase a Mythic immediately or at all. It looks like Riot is trying to solve that problem and streamline the early game item-crafting experience, so that everyone is on the same page. 

Fine-Tuned Runes 

There aren’t many changes being made to the Runes system in Preseason 2022, but slight adjustments are coming to the Inspiration tree and how secondary runes affect your play. Riot has admitted that the Inspiration tree’s unconventional medley of buffs is “fairly unclear,” and this Preseason they will be reworking keystones to make it a more straightforward Rune Path for players.