Everything We Know About Dragon Quest Builders 2 (So Far): Release Date & Details

Do you want the latest information on Dragon Quest Builders 2 — the JRPG-inspired crafting game from Square Enix? Do you not have time to scour the internet looking for every single detail? We have it all here in one place! Read on to learn more about what we know about this upcoming game — including its release date, platforms, and more.

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What is Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Dragons Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the Dragon Quest spin-off title, Dragon Quest Builders. Taking place a few hundred years after the original Builders, the Hargon Order now threatens to take over the world. Set in the same world as Dragon Quest II, it’s up to you, the Builder, to take down this new order and restore peace to the world, one block at a time!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is essentially a Minecraft-like building game. Although it includes a healthy dose of Dragon Quest charm and RPG elements. The original game was good for fans of the series, as well as newcomers, and Builders 2 seems to be more of the same.

When is Dragon Quest Builder 2’s Release Date?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will making its NA and EU release this summer! The official release date is July 19, 2019 in both territories.

What Consoles is Dragon Quest Builders 2 Releasing on?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch simultaneously. While many modern Dragon Quest games have also made it to PC, there are no plans for a Windows version of Builders 2 just yet.

Is There Multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Yes! Unlike the original Dragon Quest Builders, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will feature online multiplayer. Up to four Builders can visit one another’s Vacant Islands and build all sorts of massive structures. Don’t worry about trolls, either — you can set things up so no one can destroy what’s already there!

It’s important to note, however, that while you and others can have fun on the Vacant Islands, you can’t help others through the main story. Offline co-op is also available for the Switch, if everyone has a copy of the game. But the PS4 version is online only, we’re afraid.

What’s Different in Dragon Quest Builder 2 From the Original Game?

Flying and Swimming – No more immediate drowning when stepping in water that’s too deep, or building earthen stairs to climb up a mountain! In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you’ll be able to fly and swim, allowing you to explore more places than the original Builders.

Help From the Townspeople – The inhabitants from your town in Dragon Quest Builders occasionally helped in making new items, but now the AI is greatly improved. They’ll help with more tasks this time around.

Level Up – Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers an actual level-up system, as opposed to the original. This will mainly affect the gear you equip and your HP. You don’t restart at level 1, as you did in the original game, at the start of each new chapter. Speaking of…

Islands, Not Chapters – Instead of chapters, you’ll visit new islands in Dragon Quest Builders 2. While you’ll still have to give up all your stuff in between islands, your Vacant Island will be your hub, and you can use all the new recipes and materials from every cleared island to build it up further.

Do I Need To Play Other Dragon Quest Games Before Playing Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Nope! You don’t need to play any of the mainline Dragon Quest titles, nor the first Dragon Quest Builders, to enjoy Dragon Quest Builders 2. While you might miss the fan service-y bit about where the bad guys come from, it’s largely inconsequential to your overall enjoyment. It’s set hundreds of years after the last game, after all!