Everything We Know About Judgment (So Far): Release Dates & Details

Are you a fan of crime drama? How about punching bad guys? If so, then the upcoming Sega game Judgment is absolutely perfect for you. As a spin-off of the very crime-oriented Yakuza series, Judgment allows you to see things from a different perspective as a defense lawyer turned private investigator. Although it still has a good bit of that Yakuza flair and flavor. Does that pique your interest? Then read on to learn everything we know so far about Judgment, from its release date, to dual audio details, and more!

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What is Judgment?

Judgment is the latest game created by the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio — better known as the developers of the Yakuza brawler series. Judgment is a Yakuza spin-off, taking place in the familiar (albeit fictional) town of Kamurocho. However, it will not feature any of the actual characters from Yakuza. You’ll still see some references to things like the Tojo Clan, though.

Judgment instead stars private detective Takayuki Yagami. The story involves his attempts to crack the case on a rash of serial murders. The main plot is sure to be a tangled web of lies and mystery, and it’s hard to tell who’s on the side of good or evil. That’s assuming the sides are even that clear cut in the first place. This is from the Yakuza folks, after all, and fans of that series will know the answers are never simple.

When is the Release Date for Judgment?

You won’t have to wait too long to play Judgment. The game is already out in Japan. And it will be available in the West on June 25, 2019.

What Consoles is Judgment Releasing On?

At least for now, Judgment is only scheduled for rel PlayStation 4 — much like the last few Yakuza games were at first. However, with the previously PS4 exclusive Yakuza titles getting PC ports, Judgment may receive the same treatment down the line. We just can’t say for sure!

Judgment Game Release Date

Do I Need to Play the Yakuza Games Before Playing Judgment?

No! While Judgment is a spin-off of Yakuza, and takes place in the central location from said games, you don’t need to play any Yakuza games before playing Judgment. The Yakuza families are still the same as the main games, but you don’t need to know any plot details for Judgment. Yakuza 6 intentionally wrapped up most of that long-running story anyway.

Will Judgment’s Voice Acting Be in English or Japanese?

Judgment will be the first game in the series to feature “dual audio” voice tracks. Previous games in the series only made Japanese voices available, starting with Yakuza 3 on the PlayStation 3. Additionally, each voice track will also have its own set of subtitles. Although it’s assumed that there will only be minor tweaks between the two scripts. Still, if you want to play through the game in English, you can do so!

What Else Do I Need to Know About Judgment?

Violence Isn’t Always The Answer – In Yakuza, protagonist Kiryu Kazuma solved pretty much all of his problems one way… with his fists. In Judgment, sometimes you’ll need to use stealth and discretion to find evidence and solve the overarching mystery.

Make Friends, Not Enemies – Yagami will be able to befriend others during the course of Judgment. Eventually, you’ll be able to take on special side stories for them.

Yagami Isn’t a Fan of Karaoke – Judgment unfortunately does not feature a karaoke mini-game — all hallmark of the related Yakuza franchise. Aw…

Yes, There Is a Bit of Controversy Around the Game – Judgment sparked some amount of controversy prior to its Western release. Voice actor Pierre Taki (whose likeness and voice were provided for one of the characters in the game) was busted for possessing cocaine. Drug possession is treated as an extremely serious crime in Japan — so much so that anyone convicted of it basically becomes persona non grata professionally.

Taki’s work and likeness were completely removed for Judgment, and replaced with new material not based off any one actor. Surprisingly, this was done without delaying the Western release of the game.