Everything to Do Before the Guardian Games End in Destiny 2

We’ve got a little over one week left in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2. They won’t roll around for another year, meaning that there’s a bunch of things you might want to get done before they end. Here’s a checklist for players who want to make sure they’ve gotten everything they can out of the seasonal event.

  • Finish the Champ title — You’ll have to grind out a lot of Guardian Games playlists for this one, not to mention run a lot of activities on Neptune. But if you want the Champ title or you’re trying to complete your Reveler title, you’ll have to do it.
  • Stock up on Bright Dust — Eva’s repeatable bounties grant Bright Dust on completion and they’re usually relatively easy to do. Grab a bunch when you go see her to get your Medallion bounties and you should be able to rack up thousands of Bright Dust by the end of the Guardian Games, just in time to spend it on new Eververse goods in the next season of Destiny 2.
  • Snag god rolls of Taraxippos and The Title — Taraxippos is a pretty cool Strand scout rifle, and The Title is a decent Void SMG. You can get a number of masterworked rolls of Taraxippos each week by completing the Supremacy and Guardian Games Ops quests, and if that’s not enough you can score more by earning Medallions.
  • Grab any Eververse stuff you want — The Guardian Games cosmetics only come around once a year, so if you like the new armor set or want to pick up one of the old ones, make sure you do before the event ends.
  • Buy any Bungie Rewards items you’re interested in — Completing certain Guardian Games challenges unlocks a few different Bungie Rewards items for purchase, including the Guardian Games Pendant, Champ Title Pin, and 2023 Guardian Games Medal. If you want any of those, make sure to pick them up soon.

What did you think of the Guardian Games this year? Let us know in the comments.