Everything We Know About Gears 5 (So Far): Release Dates & Details

Microsoft is making big waves with some of its exclusive franchises. There are no less than three Gears of War titles coming for the iconic third-person shooter series, but only one is the next mainline entry to the series. We have everything we know so far about Gears 5 (no, it’s not Gears of War 5) below. Keep on reading to get the scoop!

What is Gears 5, and Why isn’t it Gears of War 5?

Gears 5 is the latest continuation of the Gears of War series, starring a new (but not unfamiliar) protagonist, Kait Diaz. Gears 5 takes place after Gears of War 4. After the ending of the fourth game, Kait decides to take the squad on a more personal mission instead, much to the chagrin of her superiors. Of course, we’ll also see more of the Swarm, the new threat that was introduced during Gears of War 4.

As for the game just being called Gears 5, there was no significant reason for the name shortening. The Coalition studio just decided that since fans just shortened the Gears of War names to Gears, they’d do the same. The series is popular enough to be recognizable without the extra words, anyway.

What is Gears 5’s Release Date?

Right now, we only know the Gears 5 will be releasing in 2019. With E3 coming soon, we’re likely to get a more firm release date soon.

What Consoles is Gears 5 Releasing On?

Gears 5 will be making its way to Xbox One and PC.

Do I Need to Play the Previous Gears of War Games Before Playing Gears 5?

You may not need to play every game, but at the very least you’ll have to play Gears of War 4, and maybe read up on general Gears lore. Gears 5 seems to build off a lot of plot points from Gears of War 4, so if you don’t know the events of that game you may be left wondering what’s happening in Gears 5.

What Multiplayer Modes Will Be Available in Gears 5?

Plot aside, the multiplayer element is an important aspect to the Gears of War games. For now, we know that co-op and split-screen multiplayer gameplay are both supported. We don’t have any details on any online competitive modes yet, however. We’ll probably see more when E3 comes around in June!

What Else Do I Need to Know About Gears 5?

Speed will be a bigger focus – The Coalition plans on making the combat speedier in Gears 5 than previous entries of the series. The inclusion of a locust mace makes melee combat quicker and more satisfying, for example.

The Coalition wants to take bigger risks with Gears 5 – The Coalition took over developing for the Gears of War series with Gears of War 4, and stayed pretty close to the template of their predecessors. For Gears 5, however, the developers want to inject more of their personality into the game.