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Every Lost Helmet Location in Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Event

Here's where to find all five Lost Helmets in Spartan Showdown.

Fall Guys has officially gone free-to-play! Along with releasing on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, developer Mediatonic is adding several new game modes and making big changes to the game’s overall structure. While you will still be tumbling, rolling, and falling a lot, Fall Guys has a new reward structure to accommodate its free-to-play release.

To celebrate this change, Fall Guys has released a new Halo-themed event called Spartan Showdown. Along with small twists on existing mini-games, there are a bunch of free rewards that players can earn by just participating in this new show. Tied to challenges, most of these tasks can be completed by just participating in the new show. However, five of these challenges require you to locate five hidden Lost Helmets in different mini-games. While some can be easily found, others are fairly well hidden. Here’s where to locate all five Lost Helmets in Spartan Showdown:

Lost Helmet Locations

Fall Guys Lost Helmets

Dizzy Heights Lost Helmet

Dizzy Height’s Lost Helmet is a little tricky, because if you miss your jump you’ll need to do the whole mini-game over again. After you dodge the giant ball cannons you’ll reach a middle section with a bucnh of spinning platforms. Carefully make your way along the left or right side. Before going to the other side, make sure to jump across to the center spinning platform to grab the Lost Helmet floating in the middle.

Fall Guys Lost Helmets

Tip Toe Lost Helmet

The Tip Toe Lost Helmet is actually not on the maze itself, but underneath it. From the starting area, clear out some of the tiles in front row to reveal the helmet floating below you. Just dive down quickly and grab it so you can still participate in the race to the finish line.

Fall Guys Lost Helmets

Gate Crash Lost Helmet

You can find the Gate Crash Lost Helmet all the way at the very end. Make your way through the gauntlet of Blast Balls and rising gates until you reach the slime slide. Wait until the middle gate reaches the very top before you begin going down the slide. This will ensure that the gate is down when you jump across to grab to the Lost Helmet and don’t just bonk against it. If you time it just right, you should be able to get the helmet and cross the finish line.

Fall Guys Lost Helmets

Big Shots Lost Helmet

To get the Big Shots Lost Helmet you will need to tilt the seesaw either left or right so you get enough height to grab it. The helmet is just floating above you in the middle, but if you don’t have an additional height your jump won’t reach this item. Instead, you will either need to use the seesaw, Blast Balls, or just knocked up into it via the cannon projectiles.

Fall Guys Lost Helmets

Thin Ice Lost Helmet

The trickiest and most dangerous Lost Helmet to get, this one spawns in the middle of Thin Ice’s map. However, you will need to dig through tweo layers of ice to reach it. This means that there is only one platform of ice between you and the pink slime. Because of this, I recommend trying to grab the helmet as soon as possible, otherwise, you will need to sacrafice yourself to snag it. Additionally, make sure you avoid any other holes in the ice so you don’t fall. If this does happen you’ll need to do the entire mini-game over again to get it.

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