Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall – Destiny 2 Resonance Amp Location

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has arrived and it’s time to reunite with everyone’s favorite, murderous Warmind, Rasputin. Revolving around repairing the broken remnants of Rasputin, players will need to team up with Clovis and Ana Bray to fix one of the Vanguard’s strongest allies. This season also includes a new dungeon, seasonal activity, weapons, armor, and an updated loot pool for the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Along with all of this, players can also decipher codes given out to them by their Override Frequency to earn some IKELOS weapons. There are a lot of these and some of them can be pretty confusing. Here’s where to solve the Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall Resonance Amp code in Destiny 2.


Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall Amp Location

This is one of the easier Resonance Amps to find in Season of the Seraph. Load into Europa at the Charon’s Crossing landing zone. Facing Variks’ little structure, you should see a broken-up metal floor to your right. Head over there, then drop down into the little recessed area in the wall overlooking the abyss. You’ll find the Resonance Amp there.You can’t see it in the image because I’d already collected it, but don’t worry, it’ll be there if you haven’t obtained it yet.


If you’re struggling with this, remember that your screen will get all fuzzy and the color will distort when you’re near one. You’ll also hear music the closer you get to the Warmind node. Once you find it, just hold down interact to make it vanish and claim a random IKELOS weapon. This has a chance to be a Deepsight variant, but I’ve found the drop rate to be fairly low. At the time of writing this, you can only complete each Warmind node once. They will become unavailable after you’ve discovered them and it’s unclear if these will reset each week.