Dragalia Lost Raid Guide – Resplendent Refrain

The latest Dragalia Lost raid, Resplendent Refrain, is finally upon us. It brings a fantastic five-star adventurer in the form of Lucretia and a brand-new boss. We can’t all be lucky enough to pull the latest and greatest hero right away, but there are plenty of guaranteed rewards to reap in the raid. So let’s get started with our new Dragalia Lost guide!

Dragalia Lost Raid

Sabnock Clash: The Basics

Sabnock is the star of this latest raid.  That is to say, he’s the big bad you’ll team up with three other squads to defeat. He’s also on the tough side, if you don’t have a suite of top-tier Light characters. His body blocks large parts of the screen and his weak points move around a lot. So you’ll need to focus to bring him down in a timely fashion.

First off, the basics: Sabnock is a Dark attuned demon that deals the Curse status effect. Getting cursed is a real pain, because it turns off your ability to shapeshift and/or cast spells for its duration. So it can really slow down your damage dealing and healing.

You want to avoid it, of course, but that’s almost impossible against Sabnock without characters that sport high Curse resistance. Somewhat common adventurers with that particular resistance include: Halloween Althemia, Ryozen, and Amane. Lucretia can also become immune to Curse — and is a real powerhouse to boot. You just need to be lucky enough to summon her.

It’s hard to avoid being Cursed because of Sabnock’s wide-ranging attacks. His signature move, Dark Side, practically covers half the map. It causes Curse and can’t be avoided by casting spells. The same goes for any move that has a purple area-of-effect, by the way. On the, er, bright side, Dark Side is pretty well telegraphed. So you can easily run away from it.

Phantasmal Wolves, Sabnock’s flashiest skill, is the bigger source of Curse. It summons two rings of dark flame (just one if you destroy one of Sabnock’s hands). Standing in the fire causes a tiny amount of continuous damage and Curse.

Finally, Nightmare Vortex creates four attack markers that chase the player-controlled adventurers. They eventually explode and later create four more damage orbs that explode again. Besides Dark Side, these secondary explosions are one of the main moves to avoid.

Dragalia Lost Raid

Sabnock Clash: Strategy

Sabnock isn’t a terribly complex fight. You want to destroy his weak points — both of his hands and his tail — just like any other raid boss. The problem is that he and his attacks are enormous, as well as confined to a very small space. He’s so large that his body blocks certain vital information.

Proper positioning alleviates this problem. Standing toward the front and center of Sabnock lets you dodge to either side, thereby avoiding Dark Side more easily. Likewise, you can go right behind him to focus on the boss’s tail. Fewer players do, so you can get a jump start on damaging the weak point while your allies focus on the claws.

There are a few pros and cons to going for the tail. The first con is that Sabnock’s body blocks the tail’s target circle. So it’s just plain tough to tell if you’re hitting that spot at all. One useful trick is to zoom the camera all the way out and look for Sabnock’s large body target. If you’re doing damage and not currently locked onto Sabnock’s body, you know you’re hitting the tail.

The other problem is damage spread. If you don’t focus on a single hand with the rest of the team, odds are that Sabnock will fire off a full Phantasmal Wolves — with both damaging circles. That’s not a huge problem for higher-level players that can simply tank the damage. It will be a problem for your weaker teammates, though, so consider focusing on the weakest claw first if you want the “no deaths” clear reward.

The upside to hitting the tail is shapeshifting. Destroying raid boss body parts gives a huge influx of dragon energy that benefits the whole team. You’ll be able to shapeshift more, giving you greater damage output overall and potentially saving low-health heroes from unavoidable attacks.

There’s an easy trick to getting behind Sabnock, too. You can’t just walk through the demon normally, but you can dodge roll through his bloated body to reach the tail quickly.

No matter which weak point you target, though, you need to actually hit them. That’s not always easy with Sabnock. He moves around constantly and raises a claw out of reach every time he prepares Dark Side. That makes it hard to focus on a single hand (thus making going for the tail an even safer bet). Although it does leave his other claw stationary and vulnerable until he attacks. The same goes for Sabnock’s broken state; he holds perfectly still for a while after getting knocked out of overdrive.

Despite being arguably the weakest class, bow users are actually useful here. Two of the Light element archers are particularly effective. Rawn has increased Force Strike damage, which drains Sabnock’s overdrive even quicker than usual — and is hard to miss with, given the demon’s size. Elias, on the other hand, comes with a raw damage boost against demon-class enemies. And their extended range lets both archers stand outside the flaming rings without getting damaged or Cursed.

Don’t just swap in an off-color bow user for the range, though. Sabnock is still a shadow boss. That means he takes an extra 1.5x damage, and deals 50 percent less damage, from and to Light heroes.

Dragalia Lost Raid

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Emblem Farming

But what’s in it for you? The vast majority of raid rewards come in the form of “emblems.” Reaching certain milestones with emblems gives you upgrade items, summoning tickets, and even an exclusive five-star dragon.

It’s not enough to just play the raid on expert difficulty over and over, though. Emblems are divided into three colors: bronze, silver, and gold. Typically, the higher the color, the better the rewards. But there are exceptions. You only get a copy of Maritimus, this event’s exclusive dragon, by reaching 100 silver emblems. Playing the Resplendent Refrain raid on expert mostly yields gold emblems. Standard difficulty provides more silver for five fewer stamina. So focus on that if you just want the dark dragon right away. And if you hadn’t guessed already, beginner difficulty is the best source of bronze emblems.

The bronze and silver categories also come with four total summoning tickets apiece. Given how rare wyrmite is, and that you can farm most of the other raid rewards from normal missions, the tickets are probably your priority. Not to mention the rewards get exponentially more expensive past that point. So play a particular difficulty until you get the three-ticket reward and move on to the next set.

Bronze emblems should be your last priority. You get them just for fighting Manticore. You need to fight Manticore to get all of your daily rewards (and the Otherworld Fragments that unlock the raid) anyway. So you already build up those emblems naturally. Focus on the expert raid instead (if you’re high enough level). That’s the best way to get gold emblems and unlock bonus raids. Not to mention it builds up a small number of silver emblems to boot.

Once you know which emblems you want to farm, use your stamina to host raids first. Hosts get bonus emblems and Peregrine Blazons (the currency that lets you summon more rewards and copies of the dragon). Stamina regenerates faster than getherwings, too. So you’ll be able to do it more often than matching into someone else’s raid. A lot of players know this, however, so it will probably take slightly longer to find a team as the host. Just be patient!

Use getherwings to fight Manticore instead. There’s no bonus for hosting this mini-boss fight. But you do need to fight him a lot, since hosting the Dragalia Lost raid burns Otherworld Fragments. Just matching into a raid does not.

Dragalia Lost Raid

Blazon Summon: How to Get Max Maritimus

Peregrine Blazons are an exclusive currency in Resplendent Refrain and other raid events. Beating Sabnock or Manticore, as well as reaching certain emblem levels, drops the gray cards. You can use two of them (up to 10 at a time) to draw from a predetermined pool of rewards. You can even check the “contents” page of the Blazon Summon menu to see what’s left in the pool.

What’s great about this system is that you always know what you might draw. Your odds of drawing better stuff also increase as you receive more low-level rewards, unlike summoning for adventurers like Lucretia. That includes the event’s five-star dragon and its exclusive wyrmprint. Although the Resplendent Refrain wyrmprint, “As the Snow Falls,” isn’t very special.

A five-star dragon is never something to sneeze at, though, and Maritimus is pretty unique. So you really want to summon a lot. Besides using exceptionally rare Sunlight Stones, this is the only way to max out Maritimus. You need all four copies from the Resplendent Refrain Blazon Summon, plus the copy from the silver emblem rewards for a full set.

Every time you pull Maritimus, you can reset all the rewards in the Blazon Summon — giving you another (eventually) guaranteed copy of the dragon. You can do this up to four times. After that, you stop getting the special rewards. Although you can still pull for things like mana, rupies, and crafting materials. But since the rewards are limited, consider waiting to reset after your fifth and final dragon. You only get one more reset after that point. Might as well get all the goodies you possibly can!