Tips for Playing The Division 2: 11 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

The Division 2 is finally available to all players — regardless of what version you bought. But that just means there’s a whole heaping helping of people out there that don’t know what they’re doing. You see, The Division 2 is chock full of features, modes, enemies, loot, menus, and systems. What it’s not full of is highly detailed tutorials and player onboarding. Which is why we’ve put together this list of tips for The Division 2!

Each of our suggestions should hopefully shed some light on this particularly convoluted game. And, as time wears on and more updates get added, we’ll come back to add in even more tips. So be sure to check back often! For now, though, let’s take a look at all the best tips for playing The Division 2.


1. You Can Auto-Loot Items

This is a huge quality-of-life bonus. The Division 2 loot animation can get to be a real pain, after all — especially in combat. But you don’t always need to drop to one knee in order to grab your next gun. Just hold down the action button while you run! Your agent will automatically scoop up any loot you walk over that way. Some PC players have even bound the loot key to unused mouse buttons to make this even easier. Just bear in mind that you need to re-press the button every so often to refresh the “ability.”

2. Accept Backup Calls From the Map

You’ll frequently hear calls for backup while roaming the land in The Division 2. This is another player trying to signal they’d like help with an activity or mission. Yet, perhaps because of the game’s already overcrowded UI, it’s not super clear how to actually respond to a call for backup. Thankfully it’s easy peasy.

Just hold down the map button when you get the transmission. This will bring up a special version of The Division 2 map. Said version will mostly just show you players looking for help — indicated by exclamation marks with three lines by them. Hold the action button on one of these icons to join them!

3. Gear Score Takes Stash Items Into Account

As mentioned in the tweet embedded above, the power of your loot drops takes your highest item levels into account. That includes items you’ve got squirreled away in your stash. You can access the stash at HQ or any settlement. And if you get a particularly powerful item that you don’t want to use, just throw it in there. That will keep your loot drops maxed out without forcing you to use items you don’t want.

4. Check Settlement Projects from the Map Menu

Settlement projects are overarching goals that let you level up your… well, settlements. They usually request things like donating resources and completing certain types of public events. And as such you’ll finish most project goals without even trying to. But there are a few exceptions.

In particular, remembering which projects require certain donations — like resources and specific kinds of gear drops — is a pain. And yet you don’t want to trash, sell, or drop something you might need. Thankfully, you can check settlement projects from anywhere in the world. Just pull up your map and go one menu tab to the left. This will show you every Division 2 settlement project you’ve unlocked and what it requires. That way you can keep track of what goodies you should hang onto in the field.

The Division 2 Tips 4

5. Get the Chemical Launcher Early

Among the starting abilities, the Chemical Launcher is an early, personal favorite of mine. The version that lets you damage enemy armor is particularly potent. That’s because enemies in The Division 2 absolutely love to take cover. And — partly thanks to the suppression system that lets you keep enemies at bay by shooting in their general direction — it’s hard to get at these hidden foes. The armor-eating launcher alleviates that.

Because the ability launches toxic smoke, it actually affects enemies through and behind cover. That makes it great for finishing off foes with just a sliver of hit points left. More than that, though, it also chews up the protective armor on hard-to-eliminate enemies and usually causes them to flee cover. Rounding things out, it’s got one of the shorter cooldowns in the game. You should definitely rock the Chemical Launcher early and often.

6. Exit Groups by Clicking on Your Own Name

The way The Division 2 matches you into groups is… weird. If you try to join a specific story mission, it doesn’t just squad you up temporarily, like in many other games. It offers you party invites separate from the mission itself; then it keeps you in said group after you finish the main objective.

Sometimes you don’t want that. Sometimes you just want to complete a mission as a group and move on — that way you can decide what to do next for yourself. But leaving groups isn’t super intuitive, either. So here’s what to do: open your menu, enter the Social tab, and click on your name in the party. That is where you will find the option to leave the squad.

The Division 2 Tips 3

7. Unlock Safe Houses First

Nearly every region in The Division 2 comes with its very own safe house. These lovely little hideaways provide a fast travel point at no cost. Hell, they’re barely even defended — if at all. Not to mention snagging them will mark every piece of SHD tech available in that region on your map.

That’s why safe houses should be your first target in every new region. They’ll save you the trouble of walking back from across the map if you die (which happens often early in the game). And knowing where SHD tech is will let you pick it up on the way to other activities, while you’re playing, rather than force you to hunt it down separately.

8. There is Some Unmarked SHD Tech Laying Around

Reddit user FoehammersRvng discovered that not all SHD tech in The Division 2 is marked on your map. You can find their list of locations at this link here. But the gist is that there are at least four pieces of SHD tech in the White House area. It’s not a zone you spend a lot of time in during the early game, except to purchase perks, so they’re quite easy to miss. Don’t lose out!

9. Change Your Inventory to Grid View

Many of the default menus in The Division 2… really stink. There’s not a lot you can do about that for now. All we can hope is that Ubisoft will clean things up as time goes on (and that glut of free updates makes its way into the game). There is one serious improvement that you can make, though. Change your inventory to grid view.

No, seriously. It’s so much better. It basically allows you to see double the amount of items in your bag at any given time. That makes comparing gear much easier and navigating the menu much quicker. To change to this mode, first bring up your inventory. PC players can select the option by pressing the X key. Xbox players need to hit the X button. Finally, the option is L3 on PlayStation 4 controllers by default.

The Division 2 Tips 2

10. Control Point Supply Rooms Restock

Besides at safe houses, you can also unlock fast travel points by conquering control points. These bases function very much like enemy camps in other Ubisoft games (e.g. Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry). Although there are a few wrinkles. Just check out our control point guide for the finer details.

Once you do capture a control point, however, you can keep coming back for more loot. The supply room that opens up once you turn the area to your favor restocks over time. It’s not exactly clear how long it takes just yet, and the big super-crate full of gear won’t respawn, but you can still get a lot of extra goodies for zero work.

11. Play with Other People

The Division 2 gates a good number of features and activities behind your overall level. So, naturally, you want to level up as fast as possible. That’s why we put together a separate guide on how to level up fast in The Division 2. But there’s a more general tip that will both level you up faster and make the game a lot more enjoyable. Put simply: You should play with friends and strangers.

The Division 2 is strangely difficult for a AAA action game. You get flanked, flushed out of cover, and overwhelmed constantly. It’s… actually kind of a nice change of pace compare to a lot of braindead loot games. But sooner or later you’ll just want to progress. That’s where asking for allies comes in.

Playing with friends just naturally makes the game easier. They can revive you when you get knocked down and draw enemy fire. But it’s still not a total cakewalk. The Division 2 scales the number of enemies it spawns based on the number of allies you have. Which is a good thing! Because you get XP for every enemy your teammates defeat — as well as your own. More enemies, as well as more friendlies to take them down, means faster overall XP gains. And it makes the game that much more fun to boot.

Sadly, though, that’s all we’ve got for tips in The Division 2 right now! Thanks for taking the time to read our guide. We’ll be sure to update it — and the rest of Fanbyte — with more information as we get deeper in the game. Until then, we hope these suggestions help make your time with The Division 2 that much more enjoyable.