The Division 2 Razorback Guide – How to Beat the Final Operation Dark Hours Boss

This is the final Operation Dark Hours raid encounter! If you’ve made it this far, we’re proud of you. The Division 2 Razorback is easily the hardest boss in the entire raid. This will require a lot of teamwork and communication to keep everyone from wiping. Thankfully all of the previous bosses should have prepared you somewhat well for what comes next. This is our Division 2 Operation Dark Hours guide for taking down the DDP-52 Razorback!

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Razorback Boss Fight Guide – Operation Dark Hours Raid

Welcome to the final boss of the Operation Dark Hours raid: the DDP-52 Razorback! To prepare, split the entire group into teams of two. Each team should be responsible for one of the four corners of this arena. To start the encounter, count down and have four members enter the generator capture zones at the same time. At this point, adds will begin to spawn. The other player on each team should remain forward along the barriers, helping damage the incoming enemies, as well as tanking most of the damage.

Once the zones are captured, the Razorback will open to spew a ton of drones into the air. When this happens, two glowing red vents will also open: one at the front and one at the back. Start shooting these as quickly as possible. They will explode, opening vents that you want to throw regular grenades into — also as soon as possible. You’ll know you were successful if the vents start glowing green instead of red. The generator players should remain within their circles throughout this entire process. Once the Razorback has fully extended — meaning the battery part sticks straight up — the team can move wherever they like again.

Have some players focus on clearing adds. Assign the rest to focus fire on the wings of the Razorback. If you look straight down the Razorback, these have their own health bars and orange circuitry on their sides. Destroy these to expose a battery in the center of the tower. Each of the two batteries has two halves and the Razorback closes itself back up after each one is destroyed, firing rockets at everyone around. You need to repeat this process at least four times.

It is worth considering nearly destroying one battery before destroying the other. While it’s tougher in the short-term, it makes it easier to complete the second half the next time you open it.

All of that is complicated enough. However, there’s also a team wipe mechanic to worry about. Heavy minigun units will spawn during the fight and rush the SAM emplacements on each corner of the area. They’ll immediately start to activate the emplacements, during which a warning alarm will sound off. Kill the gunners before they activate the SAMs. If any manage to trigger, your team will wipe!

Only one heavy minigunner will spawn at first. But about halfway through the Razorback encounter, two enemies will start to spawn at once instead.

The encounter doesn’t end once the Razorback reaches zero health, either. Instead, this is just the start of Phase 3, and those SAM sites are about to come into play. Each of the aforementioned generators has a number on it, ranging from one through four. Each team needs to rush back to their SAMs and destroy the hand print scanners in order of the matching generators. Once you do, congratulations! You’ve completed the Operation Dark Hours raid in The Division 2.