The Division 2 Printer Filament Guide: Where to Find This Material

To get the most out of your eight abilities in The Division 2, you’re going to need to plug in some skill mods. These unique add-ons boost the skill power in various ways. To craft the mods, however, you need a rare crafting material called printer filament. And unlike other materials, you won’t obtain printer filament by looting chests or enemy corpses. So where exactly can you find and farm this unique resource in The Division 2?

Thankfully, it’s pretty simple once you know where to look! To get printer filament, all you need to do is deconstruct gear system mods, gear protocol mods, or skill mods. Each will yield one printer filament — regardless of the mod’s rarity.

To deconstruct your mods, open your inventory and click the gear icon in the bottom-right of the grid. You’ll pull up a list of all the mods you own, sorted by type — gear system mods first, then gear protocol mods, followed by mods for each of The Division 2 skills. These are the ones you want. 

Naturally, it’s best to only deconstruct mods that you’re sure you won’t want to use in the future. By default, they’re sorted by level, with the highest at the top. Scroll down to find some low-level mods and hold the relevant button to deconstruct them (it’s Tab on PC). You can also mass deconstruct items by marking them as junk first. And when you do (assuming you deconstruct the right items) printer filament will be added to your inventory straightaway. To see how many printer filament in The Division 2 you own, head over to the “resources” tab by cycling through the icons at the top-right corner of your inventory screen.

Of course, to deconstruct mods you’ll need to find them in the first place. Once you hit level 10 they start to show up in chests and other loot containers throughout the world. You can also buy mods from vendors. That’s convenient, but bear in mind that vendor inventory rotates regularly. The upside is that, even if the NPC doesn’t have what you need right now, they might later. But of course the downside is that… well, you might run into situations where no NPCs have the skill mods you need for printer filament at all. So make sure you’re always checking in with the vendors at the White House and other settlements in Washington DC!

That’s not all, though. Printer filament is also a possible reward for projects towards The Division 2 endgame. Which means that, as always, you need to keep an eye on your projects list. You can do so by going to the map menu and shifting over to the left tab. That will show you every project you’re working towards across the game’s open-world at that time.

So far, however, we haven’t seen any other ways of obtaining printer filament. But once you start finding gear and skill mods in the world, as well as reach the endgame, using the methods above will give you a steady supply of the special substance. And, once you snag enough printer filament, you can finally start making skill mods of your own in The Division 2. Congratulations!