The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide – How to Beat All Bosses

The Division 2 has its very first raid! Titled Operation Dark Hours, the new endgame content tasks an eight-player fireteam with the hardest challenge in the game yet. Ubisoft says the raid will require “expert coordination” — which seems to be the case, given that it took the world’s first team about five hours to complete! But how did they do it? How should you beat the Operation Dark Hours Division 2 raid? We’ll go over the process step by step, encounter by encounter, in our first raid guide for The Division 2. Strap in!

Operation Dark Hours Release Date – The Division 2 Raid

Operation Dark Hours is available now in The Division 2! That goes for both PC and console players of all stripes.

Operation Dark Hours Requirements – The Division 2 Raid

You must meet the following requirements to partake in the Operation Dark Hours raid:

  • Grind to Level 30
  • Unlock World Tier 5
  • Acquire Gear Score 490

Not sure how to do all of that? Check out our The Division 2 World Tier Guide and our The Division 2 Gear Score Guide! We’ve also included small excerpts below with the most important tips.

Note that the new raid will drop 500 Gear Score loot. While there’s sure to be raid exclusive items, Massive no longer plans to increase the Gear Score cap to 515 with the raid.

How to Start the Operation Dark Hours Raid – The Division 2

To start the raid, speak with the helicopter pilot at the Base of Operations. This unlocks a new raid tab on the social menu, allowing everyone to start grouping up.

The eight-person squad is split into two halves. And each one contains a traditional four-player party. The player who creates the raid group from the social menu is the raid leader. They become the only player who can actually begin the Operation Dark Hours raid.

Boomer Boss Fight Guide – Operation Dark Hours Raid

The first boss encounter in the raid is against Max “Boomer” Bailey. Your double-sized squad will enter a small airport food court with a bunch of enemies inside. Defeat them and then Boomer, a very heavily armored enemy, will burst into the area. Boomer is immune to nearly all forms of damage. The only things that can hurt him are the two mounted miniguns on opposite sides of the food court. The objective is to line Boomer up between the two miniguns, and then blow up his backpack. That will force him to kneel and recover. While he’s inhibited, Boomer becomes weakened — and vulnerable to damage from all normal sources. Time to unload!

That’s the gist of it, at least, but of course it’s never that simple.

Across from each minigun are two large electronic cubes that, when active, emit circular blue areas. These make enemies inside also immune to all forms of damage. You can tell it’s happening when ISAC chimes in to warn of defense mechanisms coming online. You can preempt the activation, after ISAC’s warning, by heading to the center area. Interact with the laptops at all the four corners of the counters. At first only one laptop needs activating. Over the course of the fight, however, you’ll need more and more team members to interact with them at the same time. If you fail to do this, and the AOE does turn on, the only way to turn it back off is by damaging each cube with its respective minigun.

Map by Hap_R6 on /r/TheDivision.

As you do all of this, additional generic enemies begin to spawn. They can also become immune while inside the blue AOE circle.

During this entire raid encounter, Boomer will aggro to one member of the party. You can tell which one by the red eye and a “Boomer” label underneath their name (next to the squad health bars). It’s this person’s job to stay alive and keep Boomer within sight of the miniguns. That way the other squadmates can damage him. Note that Boomer’s target should stay away from the miniguns themselves. If that person gets too close to one, Boomer will rush up and destroy the emplacement, removing it from the encounter altogether. If both miniguns are destroyed, or the squad wipes, you fail the encounter.

After one full damage cycle, when Boomer gets back up after being stunned, he’ll throw an EMP grenade at the minigun that downed him. This disables the gun for a short time, but does not destroy it. At this point, you just want to rotate to the other side of the court and use the opposite minigun.

After each damage cycle, Boomer can attempt to regenerate health — indicated by his front armor. When the panel glows green, this means that he’s actively regenerating health. Thankfully, this can be disabled by damage from any source. Make sure to shoot the panel as quickly as possible!

Repeat these damage cycles until Boomer is defeated. And congratulations on beating the food court segment of the Operation Dark Hours raid!

Cargo Delivery Guide: Dizzy & Ricochet Boss Fight – Operation Dark Hours Raid

The Cargo Delivery encounter requires your team to split up into two squads. Each half should descend down one rappel point, while the other half takes the other. The second encounter will not start until the terminals on both sides of the plane are activated within five seconds of each other. So feel free to head on down and talk strategy until then.

On either side of the plane, one terminal will light up green. The person in charge of the terminals on that side must communicate this to the person on the other side. The second person then needs to activate the same terminal at the same time. We recommend having two players dedicated to dealing with these terminals. You’ll need to return to them throughout the fight!

When the fight first starts, Ben “Dizzy” Carter and Carl “Richochet” Dawson will enter on opposite sides of the arena. You’ll also see purple smoke start filling the room. This smoke provides a debuff, called Choking Weapon, that reduces your weapon damage. As the smoke builds up, the debuff will get stronger and stronger until you’re barely doing any damage.

The only way to clear it is to activate those aforementioned terminals in the correct pattern. Correctly inputting these commands will turn off the purple smoke, replacing it with orange smoke. This orange spray provides the Armor Breaker debuff — making Dizzy and Ricochet weaker.

Cargo Delivery Guide: Weasel Boss Fight – Operation Dark Hours Raid

When either boss is defeated, the section of the plane with the terminals will raise up, allowing both teams to regroup. It also takes away the terminals, disabling your ability to turn off the purple smoke. The two smokes will now start to alternate over time. That means you can no longer control when you can and cannot deal damage. Because of this, it’s important to kill Dizzy and Ricochet as close to simultaneously as possible.

When either boss is dead, the third and final boss of the encounter will spawn. This is Oliver “Weasel” Gordon. He’s a grenadier who will make it really, really hard to stay in cover during the purple smoke rotation. Simply take him down without everyone dying to advance through this leg of the raid.

Image via Streamer House.

Lucy & Buddy Boss Fight Guide – Operation Dark Hours Raid

After that, you will work your way forward to neutralize the remaining Black Tusk assets. The game will ask you to open a gated fence. Two new bosses, Lucy and Buddy, are behind it. Buddy, the smaller of the two robots, is a healer who constantly keeps the pair alive. Lucy is much larger with a machine gun mounted to the top of her head.

Just like during the Boomer boss fight, each enemy will usually aggro to a specific player. As per usual, that person should just focus on staying alive while everyone else deals with the robots!

The unique mechanic throughout this encounter is called the Overcharge Window. In short, you’ll notice a white box over both Lucy and Buddy’s health bars. Their armor bars must remain within this window at all times. Sustained DPS is recommended, rather than one large burst. If you exceed the window in either direction, ISAC will warn everyone about a massive overcharge. When this happens, two players need to run to the center and interact with a pair of laptops at the same time. Failing to do so will cause both Lucy and Buddy to heal completely. Needless to say that’s pretty much equivalent to failing the encounter…

It’s worth noting that Lucy has an attack where her minigun winds up and spins 360 degrees, instantly downing anyone not in cover. Try and get used to this early! Once both bots are below 50 percent of their health, Buddy will send out Seeker Mines as well. Shoot the mines before they reach players or risk your team being knocked out of cover and into the line of fire.

In short, this isn’t a very complicated encounter — just one that requires a good bit of patience and care.

Razorback Boss Fight Guide – Operation Dark Hours Raid

Welcome to the final boss of the Operation Dark Hours raid: the DDP-52 Razorback! To prepare, split the entire group into teams of two. Each team should be responsible for one of the four corners of this arena. To start the encounter, count down and have four members enter the generator capture zones at the same time. At this point, adds will begin to spawn. The other player on each team should remain forward along the barriers, helping damage the incoming enemies, as well as tanking most of the damage.

Once the zones are captured, the Razorback will open to spew a ton of drones into the air. When this happens, two glowing red vents will also open: one at the front and one at the back. Start shooting these as quickly as possible. They will explode, opening vents that you want to throw regular grenades into — also as soon as possible. You’ll know you were successful if the vents start glowing green instead of red. The generator players should remain within their circles throughout this entire process. Once the Razorback has fully extended — meaning the battery part sticks straight up — the team can move wherever they like again.

Have some players focus on clearing adds. Assign the rest to focus fire on the wings of the Razorback. If you look straight down the Razorback, these have their own health bars and orange circuitry on their sides. Destroy these to expose a battery in the center of the tower. Each of the two batteries has two halves and the Razorback closes itself back up after each one is destroyed, firing rockets at everyone around. You need to repeat this process at least four times.

It is worth considering nearly destroying one battery before destroying the other. While it’s tougher in the short-term, it makes it easier to complete the second half the next time you open it.

All of that is complicated enough. However, there’s also a team wipe mechanic to worry about. Heavy minigun units will spawn during the fight and rush the SAM emplacements on each corner of the area. They’ll immediately start to activate the emplacements, during which a warning alarm will sound off. Kill the gunners before they activate the SAMs. If any manage to trigger, your team will wipe!

Only one heavy minigunner will spawn at first. But about halfway through the Razorback encounter, two enemies will start to spawn at once instead.

The encounter doesn’t end once the Razorback reaches zero health, either. Instead, this is just the start of Phase 3, and those SAM sites are about to come into play. Each of the aforementioned generators has a number on it, ranging from one through four. Each team needs to rush back to their SAMs and destroy the hand print scanners in order of the matching generators. Once you do, congratulations! You’ve completed the Operation Dark Hours raid in The Division 2.

Raid Completion Rewards – Operation Dark Hours Raid

The biggest rewards that Massive is touting involve simply beating the raid. The first team to do so will have a picture in the White House dedicated to them, for all to see. Beat it during the first week for an exclusive arm patch. Just beat the raid with a full clan party, period, no matter when, and you’ll get a clan icon and raid trophy!

Operation Dark Hours Raid Gear – The Division 2 Guide

Alongside those special rewards are three new exclusive gear sets to collect, as well as the new Eagle Breaker Exotic rifle. Massive also promises some vanity items from the raid. Challenges in the form of commendations are also available.

It’s worth noting that the raid is on a weekly timer — much like those in Destiny 2 and other similar games. You can only get loot drops from each raid boss once per week.

We’ll update this post with information once it becomes available!

How to Unlock World Tier 5 – The Division 2 Guide

Still need help unlocking the Operation Dark Hours raid? Here’s a handy little guide. Remember to check the links above for the full list of tips and steps, though.

World Tier 5 entered The Division 2 in a previous update called “Battle For DC.” The update came with a new stronghold called Tidal Basin, which you must complete in order to reach the new maximum World Tier in The Division 2.

  • Earn a Gear Score of at least 425
  • Complete Stronghold: Tidal Basin (Invaded)

Gear Score Info – The Division 2 Guide

An item’s initial Gear Score in The Division 2 is actually calculated based on your highest possible Gear Score. That includes anything in your inventory and your stash. It also means that you don’t necessarily need to wear your mathematically strongest gear at all times. Just having that gear on you or in you stash is enough for more powerful loot to drop! So use that low-level submachine gun you like so much, if you’re not into sniper rifles.

At any given time, however, your “effective” Gear Score is an average of all the items equipped on your character. We stipulate “effective” to differentiate it from your potentially best Gear Score. Because The Division 2 accounts for these numbers differently. Even if you have more powerful gear in your stash, therefore giving you access to better loot drops, you won’t actually reap those benefits when it comes to fighting high-level enemies.

Long story short: only your equipped Gear Score affects your combat power level in The Division 2.

So make sure you have a high-level gear that you actually want to use! While you can get good drops while having fear in you stash, that won’t help you take down the enemies in the raid itself!

And those are the the tips we have for the Operation Dark Hours raid guide! We’ll be sure to update our guide if more information becomes available. That includes any hidden secrets or exclusive weapons and armor. Until then, good luck and take care.