The Division 2 Control Point Guide: How to Capture, Rewards, & Donating

Control points in The Division 2 are key to a number of things. They’re a great source of experience points and loot, and help you complete settlement projects. Conquering them also makes it much easier to get around the game’s fictional Washington D.C. Basically: you want to take over every one of them you can. Which is why we’ve put together this handy control point guide for The Division 2!

Before we get into tips, though, we should explain how control points work. They’re fairly similar to enemy camps in Ubisoft’s Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed games. You enter an enemy-controlled area, clear it out, and take over. Although The Division 2 control points have a few extra wrinkles.

How to Capture a Control Point in The Division 2

First off, you can’t just take a control point by yourself. Killing all the nearby enemies will only ripen the locale for the real takeover. To initiate that, you need to hold down the action button (which will appear on-screen as a prompt to call for backup). That will summon a squad of nearby allies to do the job of taking the control point for you. But it comes with some associated risks…

It’s open season once you request reinforcements. Even more enemies will start streaming in to retake the control point. And, more often than not, your NPC allies won’t reach you first. So you need to find cover and get ready for another scuffle. Thankfully there’s usually plenty of cover — and often times even a minigun turret — to help you fend off the waves of new foes.

Eventually your allies will turn up. And you can check just how long it will take by looking for the green timer on your screen. These allies can’t do much on their own, but do draw a significant amount of enemy attention. At which point you can rest a little easier knowing you won’t get flanked and have to shoot around cover so much.

Defending the Control Point

Don’t drop your guard, though. Enemies usually spawn from outside the control point — somewhere out in the world. But that’s not always the case. Several locations also let enemies pour out of otherwise locked doors. This can leave you extremely vulnerable to flanking. So try to position yourself behind cover without any environmental tells (doors, windows, etc.) right behind you. And finally, each control point typically wraps up with a heavily armored mini-boss. Use armor-piercing gadgets, like the Chemical Launcher, to soften them up.

Once all enemies are down (and assuming you called in your allies)… That’s it! You have control over the control point.

Well, that’s it as far as the fighting goes. Make sure to stick around for a few seconds once you complete a control point. Your A.I. buddy, ISAC, will notify you that a “supply room” has opened somewhere nearby. Don’t let the name fool you, either. There’s a lot more in this area than just extra ammo. Control point supply rooms are chock full of gear and resources. They also appear on-screen with an obvious icon. So they’re not hard to find.

And that’s still not all. Every friendly control point also becomes a nice little source of bonus experience points. You just have to know where to look.

Get Bonus Rewards for Donating Resources

Specifically, you want to talk to the leader of the NPCs that now run the control point for you. They’ll usually have three requests for resources and gear you’re not using. Every unit of junk you throw their way will net you some XP. Nice! Although it’s kind of a hassle to walk back to the lieutenant every time…

It’s not all bad, though. Capturing a control point also turns it into a fast travel point. So just pull up The Division 2 map and teleport to it. You can dump the necessary resources directly from here without waltzing all over D.C. The more well-stocked the squad is, the more they can help you if you request backup from nearby. They’ll even begin to recover resources for you and bring them back to nearby settlements. Even nicer!

And that’s it for our control point guide to The Division 2. Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage of the game elsewhere on the site. In the meantime, have fun, agents!