Division 2 Bounties Guide – Priority Missions, Heroic Bounties

Ubisoft is swapping out a lot of the features from the first Division. In the Division 2, the High Value Target system has been replaced with Bounties. Assignments, on the other hand are now Projects. Some of these bounties are now procedurally generated, something the developers say will give the game more replayability.

Earning Bounties

There are multiple ways to get bounties. You’ll naturally get some as you progress through the campaign. Otis Sikes in the Base of Operations offers higher level bounties that require Target Intel currency to begin. There are perks you can unlock which cause Sikes to provide more bounties per day.

Those in clans which reach certain ranks also unlock perks which add weekly clan bounties for all members. Finally, there’s The Snitch, who offers bounties to those who can find him. We don’t know what kind of bounties he offers just yet.


Projects, on the other hand, are focused on settlements that need help, rather than enemies that need defeating. Some settlements may demand water, food, and components from around Washington DC. These are also your Safe House Liberation missions.

Get late enough in the game, however, and projects turn into Priority Missions.

Priority Missions & Heroic Bounties

The Division 2 endgame has a lot of different missions to tackle. The Priority Target Network offers a tree of weekly bounties which will continue the story of DC. Reaching the end of one of these branches will activate a final Heroic Bounty which gives better rewards.

You’ll need to spend Target Intel to get these bounties. You can earn this by attacking and taking over control points, completing random events, and rarely from enemy drops.

Progress for the network and each of the trees resets each week. You’ll retain any failed bounties, so there’s at least a safety net for you to push harder and harder each week.

On the project front, there are Daily and Weekly Settlement Projects which rise in difficulty. High Priority missions will require the completion of missions on the hardest in-game difficulties.

As part of a recent update, all bounties now give faction keys. Before it was a random chance, but now Ubisoft has made it a guaranteed reward.