Diablo Immortal Sound Fix Guide: How to Fix Audio Not Working on iOS

Players are reporting not hearing audio in Diablo Immortal — here's a workaround.

Ready for Diablo Immortal multiplayer? With the game’s open beta releasing for both smartphones and PC, there is quite a bit to catch up with, including all classes, the places you’ll explore, and everything new in this spin-off from the mainline entries. And of course, it’s better to do it with a group alongside you. This guide explains how multiplayer works in Diablo Immortal, going through the online features available, as well as how to create a party.

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Diablo Immortal Sound Fix: How to Fix Audio Missing or Not Working on iOS

If you’re playing Diablo Immortal on iOS, whether it is an iPhone 13 Pro Max or an iPad, you may have experienced an issue with the audio. First of all, make sure you’ve downloaded the Audio Resources. When you first boot up Diablo Immortal on mobile, you’ll likely have no sound at all. For this, tap the Download Manager on the top right corner and swipe to the right until you see the Audio Resources package. There are two of them, making for 385 mb in total.

If you still don’t have audio after installing the packs, a workaround is to use Bluetooth headphones, such as Airpods, in case you have them. This worked for me on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but I feel like I’m missing some sounds still. A way to check that everything has been installed properly is to run the repair tool, which is found on the main menu whenever you open the game.

Diablo Immortal Sound Fix 2
Make sure you’ve installed Audio Resources before trying any workarounds.

Over at Reddit, a player reports that sound works just fine on a 2020 iPad Pro, while another user found the same workaround that I used to work. On the same thread, someone also mentions that turning Do Not Disturb off did the trick, but that’s something I haven’t been using myself.

On Twitter, user @SharknadoW33kTV told me that they weren’t able to get audio on iPhone after trying the aforementioned workarounds, but they were able to get it working on their iPad with iPadOS 15.5. It’s unknown whether or not this is related to your phone’s current firmware version and it may be addressed soon, or if it’s on the game’s end — hopefully, one of the workarounds can do the trick until it’s officially patched.

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