Tips for Playing Devil May Cry 5 – 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Slice and dice your way to Smokin' Sexy Style with our helpful DMC 5 tips.

Devil May Cry 5 brings all the high-speed action and cheesy antics you could ever want from the franchise. But, as you might guess, there’s a little bit of a learning curve. This isn’t the most difficult game in the series by a long shot, but there are still some Devil May Cry 5 tips you absolutely ought to know before you start. So let’s get cracking (and slicing, and dicing, and air juggling…) with this latest guide!

1. You Have More Moves Than You Think

When you start Devil May Cry 5, protagonists V, Nero, and Dante all have access to unique sets of skill to buy. The idea is to pour Red Orbs (experience points) into upgrades, making you better at fighting, so you can earn more orbs for more skills. It’s the usual sort of cycle for a game like this!

But that’s not all. The game doesn’t draw your eye to them, but each character starts with a set of unique moves that it doesn’t fully explain. You’ll see these abilities referenced in the descriptions of other skills you can purchase. But, without looking them up, you won’t know what each one means. Just make sure to check your skill list from the pause menu whenever you start as a new character. You might be surprised by what you find. Then, when you’re ready, practice those moves in The Void (the Devil May Cry 5 equivalent of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber).

2. Use Devil Trigger Early and Often

You won’t have access to Devil Trigger for a while. But once you reach V and later Dante in the main campaign, the two characters can use this special skill right away. And Devil May Cry 5 is extremely generous about it. The DT gauge builds up fast and drains fairly slowly (once you get the duration upgrade). So there’s very little reason not to use it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start building the gauge back up, increasing the overall overall time you spend with this powerful buff.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips

3. Devil May Cry Has Tank Controls… Kinda

Combos and special attacks in Devil May Cry 5 require two things: timed pauses and directional inputs. The former are pretty self-explanatory. If a combo asks you to pause, just wait half a second before hitting the next melee button in the string! The directional inputs, on the other hand, are a slightly different story.

That’s because they’re not based on whichever direction the camera faces. Instead, the inputs are tied to your character. Nero’s Split attack, for instance, lets him slam enemies to the ground while airborne. To do so, you need to hold “back” on the control stick relative to whichever direction he faces — not just toward yourself — then hit the melee button while locked on.

This applies slightly differently to V. In his case, you should move the analog stick relative to whatever demon you’re controlling (Griffon for ranged attacks, Shadow for melee, and Nightmare if you’re using the Promotion skill).

4. You Do Get Some Free Devil Breakers

Devil Breakers don’t come cheap. Even at their lowest price, they cost 500 Red Orbs a pop. That’s a lot of juice you could put into more permanent upgrades — especially since Devil Breakers are generously scattered around every level.

But, despite an early cutscene that implies otherwise, you do get some free robot arms for Nero from time to time. Any time the game introduces you to a new Devil Breaker, you get one of that type for free in your inventory. You just have to equip it to your loadout of choice. That’s it!

Devil May Cry 5 Tips

5. Buy Ability Upgrades First If…

Devil May Cry 5 is, at least on its initial difficulty settings, not tremendously hard. It’s certainly easier than some of the previous games. A few of the latter bosses might give you trouble, but the checkpoints are generous. More than that, you should have a heap of Gold Orbs to work with. These useful consumables let you resurrect from the dead — with full health and a full Devil Trigger — mid-fight. And you get even more as daily login bonuses.

Short version: don’t worry about surviving the game. You’ll get through it. That frees you (and your Red Orbs) up to unlock more interesting combos and attacks. Explore Dante’s combat stances! Add some charge attacks to the guns! Teach V how to ride Nightmare when he activates Devil Trigger! Our Devil May Cry 5 review specifically calls out a lack of variety in the early hours. Combat that by giving yourself new moves to play with, instead of spending them on costly health upgrades.

6. Buy Health and Devil Trigger Upgrades If…

Then again, maybe you are having trouble getting through the game. That’s nothing to be ashamed of! If you are, consider saving up for those costly health and Devil Trigger upgrades after all. The nice thing is that these upgrades carry over between all three characters. In fact, they’re the only upgrades that do. That makes them a wise investment in any case, even if they’re not particularly exciting.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips

7. Harder Difficulty Settings Change the Game

Devil May Cry 5 only starts with two difficulty options: Human and Devil Hunter. And, as mentioned above, neither is tremendously difficult. So replaying through the various higher settings is the true way to put your skills to the test. That might sound like a slog, but it’s surprisingly… not! That’s because the game drastically changes depending on your chosen difficulty.

From “Son of Sparda” mode onward, the higher settings completely change most of the game’s battles. Enemies that don’t appear until the mid-to-late-game start showing up in the very first level. And it only gets hairier from there. You also get to carry any and all abilities (including ones tied to the story) back with you from the start. That really changes how you can approach various boss battles.

To top it all off, the game starts snapping commented death photos of each enemy type you slay for the first time. That’s not really a gameplay change, per se, but it adds another layer of flair to an already very different experience.

And that, my friends, is all the Devil May Cry 5 tips I have for now. But be sure to check out the rest of Fanbyte for more reviews, guides, features, and info on your favorite games. We’ve got you covered!