Devil May Cry 5 Kalina Ann Guide – How to Get Double Rocket Launchers

One rocket launcher is great. Two is a whole lot better.

The weapons of Devil May Cry 5 are something to behold. Early on, you only have access to Nero’s basic kit (Blue Rose and Red Queen). But once you reach Dante’s section of the main campaign, you get to play around with shotguns, transforming motorcycles, burning gauntlets, and a whole lot more. And the Devil May Cry 5 rocket launcher, Kalina Ann, might just be one of the best of the bunch.

Longtime fans will recognize the bladed bazooka from Devil May Cry 3. It’s the favored weapon of Lady, one of Dante’s staunch allies, who returns in this latest game. You even get a modified version of the Kalina Ann very late in the story. However, there’s a way to get a second copy of the weapon long before the climax. Doing so lets you put a serious dent in bosses much earlier than usual. Not to mention, you can eventually dual wield rocket launchers near the end of the game. Sound intriguing? Let’s take a look at how to get this legendary weapon!

Where is the Rocket Launcher in Devil May Cry 5?

It’s important to note that the Kalina Ann is only available to Dante. Nero and V have their own unique abilities, but can’t change weapons like the original hero. This means you can’t get the first rocket launcher in Devil May Cry 5 until you unlock the final character.

More specifically, you need to reach Mission 11: Reason. The normal Kalina Ann is found here and only here. So you’ll need to hit mission select and play it again if you already completed this level. Go ahead. We’ll wait!

With that out of the way, it’s time to start the search. To begin, you just need to play the mission normally. The weapon is found a few fights into the level. So battle your way through baddies until you reach a stone bridge and some decaying ruins.

Once you reach the location, Dante will comment on it, explaining that he hates ruins and prefers his cities “more lively.” That’s how you know you’re just about in the right place.

Devil May Cry 5 Rocket Launcher

Proceed into the ruins. You’ll reach a deep room with a checkerboard floor still mostly intact. It’s flanked on either side by Qliphoth roots (those big, red growths that you have to destroy in order to open doors). There’s one right in front of you — clearly visible on the wall opposite the one you entered from. The other root is directly below the opening you entered from.

Destroying the first, most visible root will cause the ruins to shift. The wall it was supporting will lower and you can proceed through the level. Don’t do that just yet, however. We want to destroy the second set of roots (the one on the wall closest to the entrance) first.

This will have a similar effect as destroying the other root. The walls will shift — this time affecting the direction you originally came from. In fact, that’s where we want to go. Hop back up the rubble towards the entrance to the room with the checkerboard floor. Now check the wall to your right (assuming you’re facing towards the entrance).

Do you notice anything new? There’s a nice, big, broken window there now. That’s where we’ll find the secret rocket launcher in Devil May Cry 5.

Hop on in and hang a right. It’s… the only direction you can go anyway. If you approach the destroyed display cases near you, an unfamiliar prompt should appear on-screen. It’s a simple “?” symbol with no indication of what to do next. In my case, hitting the melee attack button (Y on Xbox and Triangle on PlayStation 4) seemed to trigger the prompt. And suddenly, I had the Kalina Ann rocket launcher!

How to Get Double Rocket Launchers in Devil May Cry 5

The Kalina Ann itself is an incredibly powerful weapon. It easily does the most damage out of any of Dante’s ranged gear. It’ll even make mincemeat out of bosses — particularly the Cerberus you encounter later in the game. Its one major downside is recoil; the rocket launcher “stuns” you in place for a split second after every shot.

You can mitigate this somewhat with the Kalina Ann II. This second rocket launcher appears as part of the story much later in Devil May Cry 5. And when you do reach it, the two bazookas join together to let Dante dual wield. The double-up increases your fire rate and allows Dante to charge shots for a truly massive blast.