Destiny 2 With Light Comes Dawn-ing Triumph Guide

The Dawning is here in Destiny 2, meaning that Guardians everywhere are baking up a storm for their favorite errand givers throughout the game. For the first time, the Dawning seasonal event has an associated title — Star Baker. If you want to unlock this title (and get closer to unlocking the mega-event title Reveler), then you’ll have to complete a number of triumphs. Most of these are pretty straightforward, requiring you to bake a certain number of cookies or use certain types of weapons. But one Destiny 2 Dawning triumph, With Light Comes Dawn-ing, is a little trickier.

The description for With Light Comes Dawn-ing simply says “Complete activities in Savathun’s Throne World.” Easy enough, right? Triumphs and seasonal challenges like these have been a part of Destiny 2 for a while now. But there’s a bit of a snag. If you travel to Savathun’s Throne World and complete some bounties from Fynch or patrols, you won’t get any progress. What gives? Well, only a few things advance the With Light Comes Dawn-ing triumph.

In particular, it seems like lost sectors, public events, and missions from the director are the only things that will give you any progress. And whichever way you go, it’s going to take a while. For some reason, With Light Comes Dawn-ing seems to progress more slowly than any of the other Destiny 2 Dawning triumphs. A lost sector will give you about 5%, meaning you’d need to complete 20 of them — and unfortunately, you can’t speedrun any of the lost sectors on Savathun’s Throne World, since they all have gating mechanics. Public events give you about the same, and making the events heroic doesn’t seem to award additional progress.

If you want more of a boost at a time, the Wellspring activity gives you 10% progress, so you’d only have to do ten of those for the triumph. “Only.” Still, if you need Deepsight Witch Queen weapon frames that you can obtain from the Wellspring, this is probably the way to go. If you’re totally done with the Witch Queen, then there’s no way around it — you’re going to just have to grind activities you’ve already done. In that case, likely the fastest way to go is just going to be running lost sectors. Remember, it’s not like you have to knock the title out in a day or two — the Dawning runs in Destiny 2 until January 3, 2023.