Destiny 2 Triumphs You Can Only Get in Season of Plunder

Every season, Destiny 2 adds new Triumphs to the game. These are little achievements that can be completed as part of seals, to earn items, or simply for cred. Most of these Triumphs stick around until the release of the next expansion, at which point they become unavailable along with the rest of the seasonal content. Some, however, have to be completed during the season itself. In case you were curious, here are all of the Destiny 2 Season of Plunder triumphs that have to be completed during the season. None of them give you anything beyond points, so unless you’re a completionist there’s nothing to worry about. Still, if you simply gotta catch ’em all, here they are.

  • Across the Bow (25 points) — Earn Cry Mutiny.
  • Flag of Mutiny (25 points) — Earn any of the 3 ornaments for Cry Mutiny.
  • Intended Authority (20 points) — Earn the Intended Authority ornament for Cry Mutiny.
  • Intended Overthrow (20 points) — Earn the Intended Overthrow ornament for Cry Mutiny.
  • Intended Mischief (20 points) — Earn the Intended Mischief ornament for Cry Mutiny.
  • Skeleton Key Power (25 points) — Gain bonus Power from your Skeleton Key.
  • Skeleton Key Mods (25 points) — Unlock Artifact mods on your Skeleton Key.
  • Plundered Levels (15 points) — Gain ranks in the Season Pass.

That’s it — all of the Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Triumphs that are time-limited have to do with the seasonal weapon, Cry Mutiny, the seasonal artifact, or the Season Pass, since you can’t earn or level these things after the season is over. For the Cry Mutiny ornaments, Intended Authority is from Crucible, Intended Mischief is from Vanguard Operations, and Intended Overthrow is from Gambit. Most of these Triumphs you can simply earn from playing Destiny 2, but if you want a boost to your XP for Season Pass ranks and Skeleton Key levels, don’t forget about Shared Wisdom — a buff to experience you get while in a fireteam. For best results, wait to pop your Seasonal Challenges until you’re in a fireteam, since they grant a ton of XP.