Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Guide – How to Complete Every Encounter

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has arrived and it’s time to reunite with everyone’s favorite, murderous Warmind, Rasputin. Revolving around repairing the broken remnants of Rasputin, players will need to team up with Clovis and Ana Bray to fix one of the Vanguard’s strongest allies. This season also includes a new dungeon, seasonal activity, weapons, armor, and an updated loot pool for the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Of course, the biggest addition is the new Spire of the Watcher dungeon which takes place on Mars. Broken up across three major encounters, this is certainly one of the shortest and easiest dungeons in Destiny 2. However, for those who don’t want to go in blind, this is how you beat every encounter in Spire of the Watcher.

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Spire of the Watcher Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher

Arc Node Mechanic

In this dungeon, the main mechanic is rerouting the flow of power. To do this, players will need to kill orange bar Minotaurs called Conduit Minotaurs. Killing one will cause them to drop a large Vex pool that you can stand in. This will give you the buff Arctrician, which allows you to shoot the diamond-shaped electric nodes (shown above).

When you shoot a node with this buff it will spark blue. You’ll then need to blast the next node in order, which can be determined by following the large, yellow cable on the ground. This will lead you to the next node in the chain which you need to blast while having the Arctrician buff. If the large cable lights up blue, then you’ll know that you did the correct node in the sequence.

You’ll originally have 30 seconds on the Arctrician timer, but more time will be added for each node you shoot.

Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher

Reestablish Power – Spire of the Watcher

The opening encounter in this dungeon tasks you will be reestablishing power in this small town. Vex enemies will spawn throughout the main road, along with a couple of Cyclopses on the ridge to your right. When the encounter begins, kill enemies until the Conduit Minotaurs spawn on either end of the main road. After killing one, stand in the Vex pool to get the Arctrician buff before running to one of the four buildings.

Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher

Each building has a starting point node that you will need to follow to the middle of the street. There you will see four nodes around a door in the ground that opens if their all activated. Your goal is to divert power (make all the cables blue) going towards these four nodes in the center. This is pretty easy, as everyone in your fireteam can split up and go follow a different wire since this isn’t a Darkness zone. If you’re struggling with locating the starting point for one, just work backward from the middle node until you run out of cable to follow. Remember, the minotaurs will always respawn so don’t worry about losing the buff as you can always get it back again. After all four nodes in the middle have been turned on the floor will open and you can progress into the dungeon.

Make Your Way Through the Base – Spire of the Watcher

After jumping down the hole, you’ll find yourself in a large room with two catwalks on your right and left. Jump up onto the left one and follow the path through the vents. At the end of the vent, you’ll enter a room with multiple pathways that are closed off. Approach the one that is bright red, drop down, and go through the opening into the next area. This will be another room where you need to climb onto a series of catwalks. You can find the catwalks above the large door on the left side of the room.

This will lead you to a massive room where you’ll need to run along various catwalks and suspended platforms. The first tricky set of jumps is when you need to jump from one of the catwalks to a platform hanging from the ceiling (shown above). I recommend using a sword, as this will make clearing the large gaps much easier.

Continue along the catwalks, killing the various Vex enemies that spawn periodically. You’ll need to make your way down to the large door (shown above) to reach the large elevator that will take you to a control room. Locate the vent in the back left corner of the control room and follow it until you reach a similar area. There will be a rally flag by the window and a platform outside that leads to the next encounter.

Ascend the Tower – Spire of the Watcher

Similar to the opening encounter, you will need to reroute the power to two nodes by a gravitational lift. There are platforms and pieces of scaffolding all around the sides of this tower, which you will need to use to reach different Arc nodes. Make sure to be careful with your jumps, as you can easily fall to your death during this encounter. To start, kill the Conduit Minotaur hanging around on one of the platforms. Doing so will spawn a bunch of enemies, along with the Vex pool where this foe died. Have your fireteam pick up the Arctrician buff and start following the cables.

If this is your first time, I recommend only having one person focus on shooting the nodes and the other two deal with enemies. This will make locating them around the tower much easier when you’re not constantly being blasted by Harpies. Remember to always follow the yellow cables, as some of the nodes will be hidden above and below you. Once you finish rerouting the power, you’ll need to do this a second time but with the other set of nodes. When you complete rerouting the power to both series of nodes, the gravity lift will activate.

Now ride the lift up to the next floor. Repeat the same steps of killing the Minotaur, getting the buff, and shooting all the nodes in the correct sequence until the second gravity lift turns on. You’ll find that each floor adds more enemies and even electricity traps that instantly kill anyone who touches them. Because of this, always prioritize killing the enemies since you can always get another buff by killing the endlessly respawning Conduit Minotaurs. After you activate the second gravity lift, ride it to the third and final floor. Finish the same steps a final time to complete the encounter.

Now just follow the path up the tower and outside to reach the first boss in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

Akelous, the Siren’s Current – Spire of the Watcher

This boss is remarkably easy. Before you begin, I recommend rallying with sniper rifles and linear fusion rifles. You will also want Supers such as Shadowshot, Well of Radiance, or Ward of Dawn. Divinity is also good for this boss, but it’s unnecessary if your team can consistently hit their shots and debuff the boss with abilities. To start the encounter shoot the Minotaur that the boss is consuming.

From the start, Akelous will be completely immune to damage so ignore it for down. Instead, look for a Conduit Minotaur that should spawn along one of the four walkways jutting out from the middle. Your fireteam’s job is to get the Arctician buff and shoot the nodes until you reach the Arc Reactor (shown above) at the end of each walkway. Activating the last node in each sequence will cause the Arc Reactor to lower into a large metal box. Having all four lowered will begin the damage phase.

Accomplishing this is simple, as you’ll once again just be following the yellow cables to each node. The starting point will always be the node in the central platform, which makes it easy to locate which walkway you’re blasting the nodes on. During all this, Akelous and a bunch of Vex enemies will attempt to make your fireteam past tense. Have each member of your team activate three Arc Reactors and then all meet up in the middle. You do this because the boss will go to the very end of the walkway where the last Arc Reactor is triggered when the damage phase starts.

For those who have played Garden of Salvation this next part will feel familiar. When the damage phase starts, Akelous’ fins will fan out around them and you’ll need to shoot out all of the glowing red eyes (shown above). Just use your primary weapon for this, as they only take a little damage to shatter. After you’ve broken all of Akelous’ eyes, switch to your DPS (damage-per-second) weapons and lay into the boss’ glowing white eye. Don’t get comfortable, as the boss will quickly begin moving back to the center of the area so you’ll either need to chase after it or shoot it from a distance.

My team would go about halfway down the walkway and stand there once it started to move back. When the boss reaches the middle, it will still be damageable so keep shooting until you start seeing the word “Immune” pop up. Again, sniper rifles and linear fusion rifles are terrific for this encounter since the boss keeps running away. After you complete a damage phase, repeat the same process of shooting the nodes and closing the Arc Reactors until you trigger another damage phase. Keep doing this until Akelous is nothing but scrap metal.

Once it’s dead, jump down the hole that opens up in the middle platform.

Breach the Containment Area – Spire of the Watcher

The next section introduces a new type of node that’s distinguished by the red (not yellow) cables attached to it. For these nodes, you will need to get the Arctrician buff from the Conduit Minotaur. However, there is no set order for any nodes tied to a red cable. Instead, it’s all about speed as you’ll need to activate all five within a couple of seconds of each other. If you don’t they will turn off and you’ll need to try again.  Once you activate all five of the nodes, the floor will open and drop you into a vertical tunnel with spinning fans.

Carefully make your way down and look for a vent along the wall at the bottom. This is a Darkness Zone, so if everyone dies you’ll need to start this portion of the dungeon from the beginning. After you survive the fan tunnel you’ll enter another room with enemies and Arc nodes you’ll need to shoot. I recommend having folks split up once they get the Arctrician buff, as these Arc nodes are more scattered than in the previous room. When all of them are shot, the floor will open up again and drop you into another tunnel of death.

Navigate the fans, and shoot all the Arc nodes around the room for a final time to open up a hole in the floor. This last room will have electricity traps, so make sure not to run into them! There will be four nodes around the perimeter of the room with the final one located in the center of the arena. After all of them are shot the room will go red and the final path will open. Jumping down will place you in the final room where the last boss of the Spire of the Watcher is located.

Persys, Primordial Ruin – Spire of the Watcher

Welcome to the final boss room. Before we get into the strategy, let’s break down the two different rooms you’ll be running between. In the first room where you rally, there are five nodes tied to red cables (circled in red above). Shooting all of these will cause the power to turn on and, later in this encounter, the three doors (left, right, and middle) to close. More on closing the doors later. Just like the last three rooms, these must be shoot in quick succession while you have the Arctrician buff. Additionally, there are Arc nodes tied to yellow cables that snake between the conjoined rooms. The starting point for each of these yellow cable nodes is behind one of the four pillars in the rally room (shown above via blue arrows).

The second room (which we will call the reactor room), has more nodes and endpoints for each of the yellow cables in the rally room. Meaning, you will start shooting nodes in the rally room and then end in the reactor room. The last Arc node in the sequence will always be in the reactor room.

While there are several different ways to damage this boss, my team ultimately settled on dropping a Well of Radiance at Persys feet and hacking away at him with The Lament sword. There are a lot of enemies in this encounter, so submachine guns such as Funnelweb are quite good.

When the fight starts, the boss will rush toward you and begin firing. Just ignore him for now and focus on killing the two yellow bar Hydras that spawn on either side of the rally room. Once they’re both dead, Conduit Minotaurs will spawn in their place. Kill them and pick up the Arctrician buff. Now blast all five of the red Arc nodes in the center of the room. This will turn the power on and trigger the yellow Arc nodes. Two of the four possible yellow Arc nodes will then open up. Refresh your buff by killing the Conduit Minotaur and begin chaining the nodes until you’re in the reactor room.

Once you complete a yellow Arc node sequence you’ll get some text in the bottom left corner of your screen that says “Arc node circuit completed.” There will be two circuits you’ll need to finish to trigger the damage phase. After completing both of the Arc node circuits, you’ll be informed that the reactor core is armed. Drop whatever you’re doing and immediately make your way to the rally room. If you don’t, the doors will close after a few seconds and you’ll be killed.

When the reactor is armed, Persys will run into the room and stand next to the core. You need to quickly get the Arctrician buff and shoot the red Arc nodes in the rally room again. This will shut all three doors, locking the boss inside the reactor room when it explodes. Upon shutting the doors, go huddle by the door with your swords. The moment the door opens, rush towards the boss, drop your Well of Radiance, and begin slashing away. You’ll have about 20 seconds to damage the boss before it becomes immune again.

After it becomes immune, just repeat the same steps above until you get enough damage phases in to kill Persys.

The hardest part about this encounter is the sheer volume of enemies. There are a lot of Vex, with the most annoying being the suicidal Harpies from the Vault of Glass raid. They can instantly kill anyone they’re next to when they explode so always be on the move. Additionally, the boss will not stay in one place. Instead, it wanders between the rooms and continuously shoots at you. So long as you keep mobile you shouldn’t be blasted by this boss too much.

If you’re not big on swords, linear fusion rifles and sniper rifles are terrific for damaging Persys. Since it has a decent-sized critical area, you can easily abuse this with precision weapons. We still don’t know the optimal way to kill this boss, but for now, either swords or ranged weapons are what I recommend. If you do go the ranged route, start as far back in the rally room as possible. Persys will rush towards you during damage, so you’ll want to keep as much distance between you as possible.

With some patience and a little bit of luck, you should easily bring down Spire of the Watcher’s final boss with ease.