Destiny 2 Seraph Tower Guide – How to Complete This Public Event

During your first few missions of Season of the Worthy, you’ll be asked to complete one of the new Seraph Tower public events. The good news, is that folks will learn pretty quickly and eventually these will be easy enough to be completed even if you have no idea what you’re doing. The bad news is that we aren’t there yet and unless a good number of Guardians know what’s going on, you’re likely to fail. Here’s how to complete the new Destiny 2 Seraph Tower public events.

Note: There is no way to make this public event Heroic.

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Step 1: Keep Enemies Off of the Plates

You’ll notice three plates around the central tower. These are charging plates and you need the orbs of energy they spit out to complete the tower’s construction.

Enemies will attempt to stop you, however. Make sure to eliminate them before they get on the charge plate. If any enemies are on the plate when the tower fully charges, you’ll effectively fail and need to wait until it charges up again.

If you succeed, the tower will spit out a ton of orbs, almost enough to complete that step of the event. If you do not, it will only spit out two charges.

Step 2: Throw Charges At Glowing Orange Ball

When charges are spit out, you want to take them and throw them at the floating, glowing orange ball. This ball starts floating above your plate and is tethered to the central tower. Throwing an orb at it will move it a small distance towards the central tower.

Your goal here is to move the orange ball all the way to the tower. Successfully doing so will construct one piece of the Seraph Tower.

Step 3: Repeat

As we mentioned, there are three different plates around the Seraph Tower. They’ll be selected at random so once a piece of the tower has been constructed, be ready to move on to the next one.

Complete this enough times and the tower will be constructed.


Here are some tips if you’re still struggling.

  • Use your heavy, special ammo, and Supers on mini-bosses. They’re the hardest enemies to deal with. While they’re slow-moving, once they reach a plate they can be hard to deal with.
  • If you’re under-leveled focus on killing regular mobs. Mini-bosses can be tough to deal with at a low level, but you can contribute by dealing with the rest of the enemies.
  • Orbs explode on impact. Don’t miss.
  • Look through the tower when you throw your orb. You don’t want to be looking perpendicular to the orange ball when you throw your orb. If your other teammates are throwing orbs it may move, making it easier to miss. It’s harder to miss if you line yourself up with the tether.

And that’s it! We’ll update this guide with further information should we encounter any more difficulties during our time playing. If not, good luck!