Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Title Guide — How to Get Aquanaut

The Season of the Deep is here in Destiny 2, and like every season, there’s a new title up for grabs — Aquanaut. If you want to show your mastery of the methane sea, you’ll have to complete a number of Triumphs by the time the season ends in late August. Here’s a full list of the Triumphs you’ll need to complete to earn the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2.

  • Weekly Wetwork — Complete each week of the quest “Into the Depths.”
  • Challenges Accepted — Unlock all Seasonal bonuses earned by completing Seasonal Challenges.
  • Echo Relocation — Reset your vendor rank with the Sonar Station.
  • Reprised Reckoning — Defeat targets with Season of the Deep weapons. Defeated Guardians grant additional progress.
  • Big Fish — Defeat each unique boss in the Salvage activity.
  • Down the Drain — Defeat each unique boss found on your Deep Dives.
  • Pressurized Deep — Complete a Deep Dive with Pressure Trials active on each encounter.
  • Quantity Over Quality — Catch fish at any Fish Pond.
  • Ambitious Angler — Catch an Exotic fish at any fishing pond.
  • Classified — [We don’t yet know what this Triumph is.]

Overall, this seems pretty similar to past seasons. There are Triumphs requiring kills with seasonal weapons, completing activities, and so on. The only unknown, aside from the Classified Triumph, which is likely tied to an Exotic mission, is the “Challenges Accepted” Triumph. It’s unclear which Seasonal Challenges players will have to complete for this Triumph, though it’s marked as requiring 10 total to finish. Seasonal Bonuses appear to be similar to old Seasonal Challenges which granted a currency that unlocked additional benefits at the Seasonal Vendor. In Season of the Deep, these Bonuses are separate and can be completed at any time during the season to earn their bonuses.

What do you think of the Aquanaut title? Are you going to try and earn it? If you do, do you think you’ll ever actually sport it, or do you have a rarer title you like to flex? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll have more guides and news on the Season of the Deep in Destiny 2 throughout the week.