Destiny 2 Lumina Quest Guide – Exotic Quest, Rose

Bungie really likes hand cannons. Thorn, Ace of Spades, Sturm, Sunshot, Malfeasance, and Crimson. There are more exotic hand cannons in Destiny 2 than nearly any other weapon type. It appears as if that will stay true in the future as well with a currently unnamed, scoped exotic hand cannon coming with Shadowkeep. Before that, however, Lumina just got added to the game.

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Lumina Exotic Quest Steps

Most of the steps to get Lumina aren’t technically difficult to complete. With the exception of one particular requirement, this is more of a grind-style Exotic quest.

1. Return to Where You Found Thorn

The Lumina exotic quest is essentially what we experienced with Thorn, but in reverse. Return to where we first found Thorn. Not sure where that is? Our Thorn guide has a gif which shows you exactly which way to go.

2. Find the Chest

You obtained a letter and a locator device in the first step. Refer to the locator to determine which Lost Sector to investigate. The chest you’re looking for won’t be glowing, so you may have to comb the area pretty thoroughly to find it.

“The Light lives in all places, in all things. You can block it, even try to trap it, but the Light will find its way.” – The Speaker

Your system positioning device is active and paired to a chest that is currently located somewhere in the You’ve discovered a letter in the ruined campsite where you found your mangled Thorn. The sender purports to be the legendary Shin Malphur, a supposed do-gooder with a complex approach to doing good. He claims he’s entrusting you with the original Thorn, a hateful weapon capable of permanently killing Guardians. The gun is hidden away somewhere, and to find it, you’ll have to use an enclosed system positioning device to track it down. Your Ghost observes that the signal changes once an hour, on the hour, so you’ll have to be quick.

3. Generate Orbs

You’ve now got the original Thorn, but you don’t want to use it. Instead, you’re going to cleanse it with your light. You need to generate 250 Orbs to move on. Pretty straightforward.

This one sounds pretty easy and straightforward!

4. Complete Activities with Rose Equipped

Now you’ve got the weapon Rose, but it doesn’t have any perks. Let’s fix that. You’ll need to complete a Nightfall with 50,000 points; complete Blind Well, Black Armory Forges, or Escalation Protocols; and kill 100 enemies without reloading. Again, all pretty straightforward — just a bit of a grind.

The searing power of your Light burns away the sickness that consumed Dredgen Yor’s Thorn, revealing the weapon that it used to be: Rose. You contemplate the weapon for a long time before resolving on a course of action. If Thorn symbolized twisted intention and malice unchecked, then you will make a gun that symbolizes something greater: the courage to choose the right path, even when it is unpopular or unsafe. But to do that, you’ll need to begin your second adventure in gunsmithing.

You feel ready to complete your project, and you have a suitably poetic scheme to do it: You plan to reclaim lost Light from the Hive. Using the strength of your own abilities, you’ll redirect it into the gun and, with any luck, it will bloom into something greater.

5. Get Kills With Rose and Complete Activities

Again, not much to say here. Focus on Strikes or Menagerie runs and fill up that activity completion bar.

6. Cleanse the Darkness from Thorn with Acts of Light

Rather than leaning into the Darkness, this time around we’re going to try and cleanse it away. You’ll need to defeat Guardians with Hand Cannons as a team, generate Orbs of Light, and defeat Invaders in Gambit before they kill any of your teammates. The last step is going to be a real pain, especially because you only get credit if you’re the one to actually finish them off. Memorize the spawn points and roll with a team if you can. Gambit’s going to be a mess for the next few weeks, that’s for sure.

“Hope is a currency. It buys tomorrow. It gives us what we need to survive today.” – Rezyl Azzir

Your philosophy about this gun has crystallized. If Thorn was a weapon of selfishness, then the gun you make will be one of selflessness. If it’s a coordinated fireteam that saved the City from Ghaul, then the gun you make will support fireteams. The Light is about standing united in service of a hopeful future.

7. Destroy Hive Crystals in Will of the Thousands and Defeat Xol

If you’ve played Will of the Thousands since Season of Opulence started, you may have noticed some new indestructible Hive crystals. These are for the Lumina quest. Equip Rose, destroy all of the Hive crystals, and defeat Xol. This must be done in a single run!

You are the new owner of Dredgen Yor’s original Thorn. Merely holding the gun makes you nauseous—not out of moral principles, necessarily, but instead a very physical effect which reminds you of losing your Light during the Red War. You don’t know what to do with this… thing. You have no intention of firing it. If nothing else, you believe you need to neutralize it.

And that’s it! Once you’ve completed this last step, Lumina will be yours. Is it worth it Destiny 2‘s first healing gun? That’s for you to decide.

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