Destiny 2: Lightfall & Season of Defiance Guides – Everything You Need to Know

Destiny 2: Lightfall released yesterday and we’ve been hard at work guiding everything you could possibly need to know. From the absolute basics like new catalysts and mod guides to more in depth quest walkthroughs, this hub page contains all of our coverage in one easy place! Use the table of contents below to jump to the section you’re looking for!

Getting Started

Everyone has to start somewhere! If you’re a Destiny veteran, chances are you already know how this stuff works and what to expect. But if you’re new, these should help you figure out some of the verbiage and goals you’ll be working towards.

Destiny 2 Unlock Strand

Strand Guides

Everything you need to know about the new Strand subclass! Can’t figure out how to unlock it or get more strand fragments? We have you covered.

Lightfall Content Guides

Wow, the legendary difficulty in Lightfall is hard. If you’re having problems with those pesky tormentors, let us help. Or maybe you just need the ending explained, we have that too!

Season of Defiance Guides

Not everything is, Lightfall related, of course. There’s still the whole Season of Defiance storyline and features. These are still a work in progress.

Weapon Guides

From exotic weapon quests to catalyst unlock conditions, all of it is below!

Title/Seal Guides

Getting ready to add two new seals to your collection? Here’s what Lightfall has to offer.

Other Coverage

Want to read our thoughts on how Lightfall played out? Look no further.