Destiny 2 IKELOS SMG Deepsight Guide – IKELOS SMG Pattern Farm

Craving that new IKELOS SMG with Voltshot? Let us help!

An old favorite returns again. We’re officially onto version 1.0.3 of these IKELOS weapons and now they’re back with the Rasputin’s Arsenal origin trait and yet another upgraded perk pool. That means breaking a target’s shield will partially reload the magazine, helpful for a gun that’s seemingly always lacking in ammo without the right perks. But what if you want specific perks? For that you’re going to need to unlock the gun’s pattern which requires farming some Deepsight Resonance frames. Getting those isn’t exactly easy to do without some thought, so we’ve put together a guide for all of your Destiny 2 IKELOS SMG Deepsight farming needs.

Destiny 2 Override Frequency

How to Get IKELOS Deepsight Patterns

To unlock the IKELOS SMG v1.0.3 pattern, you need to earn and complete five Deepsight Resonance versions of this SMG. For the unfamiliar, these are weapons that drop with a red border around them and a progress bar. Keep in mind that you no longer have to equip and level up the weapon to extract pattern progress. If you don’t need the extra 200 Resonant Elements you can just dismantle the gun and complete the resonance.

There are a couple of methods for obtaining these patterns. Before we get into the most efficient, here’s a quick breakdown of every way we currently know about to earn an IKELOS Deepsight in Destiny 2:

  • Override Frequency Nodes
  • Focusing Umbral Engrams at the H.E.L.M.
  • Seasonal vendor rank-up rewards

Currently, there are three major ways to get Deepsight patterns for the IKELOS firearms. The first is by spending four Resonate Stems in your Resonance Amp. This will produce an Override Frequency code that you’ll need to decipher and follow to a Warmind node. Interacting with this floating diamond will give you an IKELOS weapon, which does have a chance to be a Deepsight variant. You can only have one code at a time, so I recommend hunting down a bunch of Warmind nodes whenever you have a bunch of Resonate Stems. However these will not respawn once you’ve used them and we don’t know if they reset every week. 

Another method is by focusing Umbral Engrams on the new seasonal vendor in the H.E.L.M. To do this, you will need to unlock the “IKELOS Weapon Focusing” node in the Upgrades menu. Doing so will let you turn regular Umbral Engrams into a random roll of any IKELOS gun of your choice. However, this will not be a guaranteed Deepsight pattern until you obtain the Focusing Deepsight pattern much later in the season. There’s also an IKELOS Weapon engram, but this won’t let you pick which gun you want to farm for.

Destiny 2 IKELOS Deepsight

Finally, you can earn a guaranteed IKELOS Deepsight weapon by hitting Rank 7 with the seasonal vendor. Once you reach this rank, just go visit the Exo Frame and select the “Deepsight IKELOS Weapons” engram. You’ll be given a random Deepsight IKELOS weapon completely free. Additionally, if you reset this vendor, you will still be able to earn this engram by hitting Rank 7 again.

Of the three methods, I recommend hunting down all the Override Frequency Nodes and then spending your Stems on Umbral Engrams. Unless you’ve unlocked the focusing upgrade specifically for these firearms, this will be your best method for farming Deepsight variants of this gun. Currently, I don’t believe that IKELOS guns drop from the new Heist Battleground activity. Having run it quite a lot, I’ve yet to have a single one drop for me whenever I open both the main and secondary chests at the end.