Destiny 2 Guardian Games Guide – Heir Apparent, End Date, Who Is Winning?

Destiny 2 players will shortly compete in the first annual Guardian Games. This event pits each of the game’s three classes against each other. Who will come out on top? Titans? Hunters? Warlocks? Though Hunters may have a numbers advantage, apparently each class will be balanced out, compensating for any kind of bias. But how do you partake in this event? What are the rewards? When does it end? Our Destiny 2 Guardian Games guide will tell you everything you need to know!

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What Are the Guardian Games?

The Guardian Games is the Season of the Worthy event that starts on April 21. Though it’s never taken place before, in short, it’s a battle between the three classes to see which one is superior. Each will seek to complete the most daily class challenges from Eva alongside some other entry methods. Afterward a commemorative statue will be displayed next to Zavala.

How Do I Participate?

Talk to Eva in the Tower for your daily and weekly bounties. With those, you’ll earn Medals that you can turn in to the Tower Podium to increase your class’s team score. Defeating any enemies can also drop Laurels which will complete other Medals. These drop in all activities except Gambit and Crucible where they’re rewarded at the end of the match. Please keep in mind that unrecovered laurels will not go to the Postmaster.

Players must wear their Guardian Games class item in order to progress any Guardian Game bounties.

What are the Rewards?

The primary reward is the new Heir Apparent exotic machine gun which features a rotating barrel similar to Sweet Business. You can also earn smaller daily reward packages and new metallic class items. These class items are either bronze, silver, or gold depending on where your class is currently ranked. When the event closes, these metals are locked in until next year’s event.

Then there is a trio of exotic ghosts to earn from the weekly Eva bounties. Make sure to complete all three before they rotate each week. You can also just take aim for a certain one and put all of your effort into obtaining it that week.

Eva’s daily reward packages will only be available to players who participated in that day’s competition by depositing at least one medal. No freeloading! In addition, daily reward packages do not stack. Eva will only hold one package at a time.

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When Does it End?

The Guardian Games come to a conclusion on May 12 after the weekly reset.

Are there Eververse Cosmetics?

There are! Bungie says there are new emotes, universal ornament sets, two new ships, two new sparrows, and more. Everything will be available for Bright Dust except for a new finisher which is Silver exclusive.