Destiny 2 Final Dawn Guide – How to Beat the Final Dawn Quest

The end of Season of the Seraph is finally here, which means there’s one last story mission to complete before the Lightfall expansion launches. Available only for two weeks, this quest sees players attempting to stop Eramis from turning the Warsats on humanity. This is a fairly simple quest, but it’s one that you’ll want to complete before the season ends. Here’s how to complete the new Final Dawn quest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Final Dawn Quest Steps

1. Get the Quest From Rasputin – Destiny 2 Final Dawn Quest

When you load up the game you’ll be instantly transported to the H.E.L.M. Approach Ana and Rasputin to begin a conversation where they will explain the situation to you. Once they are done speaking, approach Rasputin and interact with him to collect the Final Dawn quest.

Destiny 2 Final Dawn

2. Complete the Final Dawn – Destiny 2 Final Dawn Quest

The Final Dawn is a legendary difficulty activity, meaning enemies will be far more aggressive and tougher to defeat. Because of this, you’ll want to use weapons such as Arbalest — especially if you’re a solo player. This is a fairly tough mission, as it will be throwing a ton of enemies at you throughout the mission. To even out the fight make sure to summon the Exo heavy frames after the first boss battle. These large allies will absolutely devastate the hordes of enemies in front of you, making this much easier if you’re a solo user.

You’ll be fighting through the later half of the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission, so don’t expect any new puzzles or the use of any roles like Scanner. Once you reach the boss room, fight off the Hive invaders and defeat the Brood Queen then spawn. This is a fair straightforward battle, however, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Make sure to have on a solar weapon so you can deal with Hive Wizards that spawn. After defeating the boss a cutscene will play, I strongly recommend you do not skip or ignore this one. It’s probably one of the most important and best cinematics we’ve had since the Witch Queen launched.

3. Talk to Zavala, Ikora, Ana, and the Exo Frame – Destiny 2 Final Dawn Quest

Look I would say it’s probably going to be okay, but I’d be lying. Once you’re over the shock of the cutscene you’ll be dumped into the Tower. Now it’s just a matter of speaking to a variety of vendors about their reaction to what just happened. Upon speaking with the Exo Frame in the H.E.L.M. you’ll earn an Ascendant Shard and the Spirit of the Warmind ship.

That’s it! Now you just have to wait on that massive, story-defining moment to continue when Lightfall drops on February 28th.