How to Get Season of the Drifter Pinnacle Weapons in Destiny 2

New tools of the trade to lust after.

A new season in Destiny 2 brings with it a whole new set of pinnacle weapons. And you can bet each one is cooler than the last. Continuing with the trend of the past few seasons, Bungie has brought along new pinnacle weapons tied to specific game modes in Season of the Drifter.

Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Strikes all have quests and weapons attached to them. No matter what mode you enjoy or play the most, there’s something for you to hunt down in Season of the Drifter. Let’s take a look at what these new weapons are all about.

21% Delirium – Gambit Pinnacle Weapon

“Picking up Special or Heavy ammo reloads this weapon to beyond normal capacity. Kills increase this weapon’s damage until it is stowed or reloaded.”

With a magazine of 102, this weapon is truly a light machine gun that will be a nasty addition to any loadout. Here are Bungie’s thoughts from Feb. 28’s This Week at Bungie:

This will be our first Rapid-Fire Machine Gun for Destiny 2—how many of you out there guessed the archetype, but not the sub-archetype? With the reintroduction of bullet-hose-style Machine Guns, we figured a perk that played with their large magazine sizes and dealing with waves of enemies would be appropriate. Unlike the other two weapons, this one also has one of the new weapon perks we’re introducing in Season of the Drifter—“Overflow,” to kick the magazine size out even further for true spray ’n pray action.

To earn the 21% Delirium, you must first pick up the “By Your Bootstraps” quest from the Drifter. Once acquired, it’s time to earn the “Notorious Hustle” Triumph on the Gambit Lifetime page in the Triumph collection. You can read the steps below.

  • 75 Multikills
  • A large amount of Envoys and Primevals defeated
  • Infamy rank reset

Basically, you need to play a whole lot of Gambit and Gambit Prime. Unfortunately it doesn’t specify the number of Envoys and Primevals you need to kill. Instead, your progress is represented by a percentage that goes up with each defeat. Good luck, Guardian!

The Recluse – Crucible Pinnacle Weapon

“Kills with any weapon improve this weapon’s damage for a short time. Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time.”

The Recluse seems perfect for whipping out after killing one enemy, only to and try and pick up a double kill against their teammate. Here’s what Bungie had to say about the gun and SMGs in Destiny 2 in general:

Submachine Guns are in a contentious spot in the game after the Forsaken release. With Shotguns occupying a similar engagement range while also offering that one-shot-kill potential that is so highly valued, alongside always being in competition with Sidearms and even the Last Word as the close-quarters primary weapon of choice, Submachine Guns have fallen slightly to the wayside. So we created the “Master of Arms” perk so it could find its place in any given loadout. We look forward to seeing people experiment with it.

Start your quest for the new SMG by picking up the “From the Mouths of Babes” quest. Lord Shaxx has it. Once acquired, you can earn the gun by completing the “The Stuff of Myth” Triumph on the Crucible Lifetime Glory Ranks page. Once again, here are the steps.

  • Win matches in Crucible
  • “Fabled” Glory rank achieved

Like the other weapons, you can earn The Recluse by playing one helluva lot of a specific game mode. In this case it’s Crucible — but you need to actually succeed, too. That’s because you have to reach Fabled rank in the Competitive Destiny 2 playlist. The Competitive ranking system is simple, though: win games and go on win streaks to rank up. If you lose games and go on loss streaks, however, you will rank down.

Like the Gambit quest, the amount of wins isn’t specified. It’s once again represented by a percentage instead. So don’t stress too hard! Just play Crucible like you normally would and it will unlock eventually. But you might as well play Competitive matches to (try and) kill two birds with one stone.

Oxygen SR3 – Vanguard Strikes Pinnacle Weapon

“Dragonfly deals more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt to the target beforehand.”

This gun is very fun against Ultra enemies with high health pools and big heads. You can farm their heads for headshots to power up the gun. Then finish them off with one more to create an epic explosion with Dragonfly, a classic Destiny weapon perk.

This is what Bungie has to say about the Oxygen SR3:

Scout Rifles have had a long history with Dragonfly and its predecessor over the history of Destiny. This weapon seeks to double down on that history and improve upon it in a simple and effective way. The general design ethos of a pinnacle weapon is that if it approaches an Exotic-esque effect, it must work conditionally—such as activating on a kill event or asking you to risk getting into melee range—and if it works in a neutral setting, then it must only change the way you can do something, not necessarily what you can do. This is an example of the former.

To make this new scout rifle yours, speak to Zavala. He’ll give you the new “Redeployment” quest in Season of the Drifter. Once it’s yours, finish up the Triumph “The Best Offense” under Vanguard Strikes General to earn the Oxygen SR3. Check out those steps below!

  • 1,000 Precision final blows in Strikes
  • 500 Orbs generated in Strikes
  • Strikes and Nightfalls completed

The final step once again does not quantify how many Strikes are necessary. However, Nightfalls add more to the percentage bar than regular Strikes.

And that’s all there is to it! The quests for pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter are pretty simple. So just enjoy the ride and play through the required game modes. And, once again: good luck, Guardians!