Cozy Grove Spring Update: How to Find Orchids, Butterflies, and Fresh Water

The Cozy Grove spring update is in full swing! Here’s how to find orchids, fresh water, butterflies, ducklings, and new dyes and outfits for the season!

As a daily Cozy Grove player (a Cozy Grover, you might say), I’ve been pumped about the Spring Update, which technically started yesterday (with cute butterflies floating about my island, and the brand new dye shop). But the party truly started today, with the sighting of seasonal superstar bear, Ms. Carouse!

Ms. Carouse offers all new seasonal items and goodies to fetch, including tons of spring-y outfits, orchids to buy (and craft!), new dyes, and a specialty dowsing rod to find spring water.

Orchid Life

Orchids are a whole new flower type — and, for the first time, their blooms can be used to craft higher-rarity varieties! You’ll get new plants today at Ms. Carouse’s shop (and you may get some blooms by completing activities on your island, like feeding imps), which you can plant like normal flowers.

According to the Cozy Grove discord hose plants will bloom tomorrow, and you can harvest them then. The plant will poof into non-existence after one harvest. You can donate new blossoms to Captain Snout’s collection and use orchid blooms to craft ever-more exciting varieties of orchards and seasonal dyes! On my crafting table today were some wild-sounding varieties, like the Orchid of the Deep and the funky-looking Baphomet’s Orchid.

cozy grove hungry orchid menu

As always, you can also sell blooms or recycle them into tins of flower pigment. Nowadays, you can use those tins of flower pigment to craft beautiful dyes to customize your decorations! So it behooves you to always have some flower gardens going.

Thirsting for Fresh Water

If you played a lot of the winter update, chances are that you have some fresh water left over from the snowmelt, which is great! You’ll need it to help craft those higher-level orchids alongside some other ingredients like fishbones, which you can easily get by fishing and burning your catches at Flamey, your friendly campsite fire. But you can also find spring water in the here and now with a special one-time-use dowsing rod that Ms. Carouse sells. It works just like the regular dowsing rod (or the treasure map tool) — you’ll get “warmer” when you get close to the location of a spring and “colder” when you are far away from it.

The iconography is a little bit confusing this time around: a big, cracked earth symbol appears when you are far away, and gets smaller as you get closer, and the “hot” sign is now a pair of water drips. When you are super close, it’ll change to three water drops, and the usual “x marks the spot” will appear on the map.

You’ll get a nice, big… bubble? Of fresh water for this.

Seasonal Dyes!

cozy grove vaporwave orchid dye

While we’ve only just gotten started with dyeing, Ms. Carouse has some gorgeous-looking seasonal dyes to craft as well. These all work according to rarity (as usual for dyes, and really, most things in the game!) and have a “limited edition” label, which we all know means it won’t be here forever. I’m partial to the vaporwave orchid dye and the legendary-level Saturnite Orchid dye. You can bet I’ll be making some wild-looking decorations with these as spring moves along.

Butterfly, Flutter By

If you have flowers on your island (you can buy them in the potted flower pot or flowering bush varieties at Mr. Kit’s shop), you should start to see pretty butterflies floating about. These insects are good for donating to Captain Snout’s collection. You’ll get coins and usually quartz for your donations. As always, the treasure corresponds to the level of rarity — common, uncommon, rare, super rare, mystical, legendary, and (presumably, but I haven’t found any yet) mystical! As usual, you can also sell your bugs to Mr. Kit.

Make Way for Ducklings!

cozy grove carouse ducklings

I spotted an unusual leaf pile this morning, which turned out to be a duckling nest. There’s also a new cooking recipe available at the baker bear for peas. The scuttlebutt around the game’s Discord says the ducklings will arrive tomorrow, so stay tuned for more Cozy Grove content as we discover more and more spring update delights!

As usual, when I cover Cozy Grove, I’ll add the disclosure that I worked with Kris Lorischild, one of the original game’s writers, back at (the forerunner to