Cozy Grove Spring Update: How to Find and Feed Ducklings

Here’s everything you need to know about ducklings in the Cozy Grove Spring Update: how to find nests, how they hatch, and how to feed them!

As a daily Cozy Grove player (a Cozy Grover, you might say), I’ve been pumped about the Spring Update, which started just this week. Among other things, has brought cute butterflies floating about my island and the brand new dye shop. Ms. Carouse also showed up the other day, boasting new crafting materials, Orchids, and dyes, and now I’ve finally hatched a beloved, adorable duckling! Here’s a guide on how to find and feed them. 

Duckling Nests

You should be able to find duckling nests right away once you download the Spring Update. They look just like regular leaf piles but with feathers. Check out this screenshot for reference, and go ahead and post the nest up “somewhere safe” — presumably, anywhere on your island near a light source should do!

cozy grove duckling nest leaf pile

Make Way for Ducklings (for real!)

Once you set up a nest, an egg will appear the next day. It will be around for a day, and on the next morning (or whenever you boot up the game again), you’ll find an adorable baby duckling running around.

cozy grove duck nest

Said baby will now follow you around the island as you do all your Cozy Grove business. They have the cutest little animations, sniffing everything and playing around. But they are also a great source of cash – you’ll just need to craft Bowls of Peas in order to feed them!

Feeding the Beast(lings)

Go to the baker bear and craft some Bowls of Peas (each set of 20 requires 20 toasted nut flour and 20 mixed greens). Ducklings love them! Once you have these ready, you can toss them at your duckling. Try to aim pretty close, as it may take the baby a couple of tries to nibble them. Ducklings will gobble them up and start popping old coins in 100-coin increments.

cozy grove feed duckling

As for limits on how many ducklings you can carry (er, how many you can have as followers?) — the Cozy Grove Discord hinted at a maximum of five adorable baby quackers. That’s a lot of very cute little critters — and potentially a lot of cash as well!

cozy grove feed duckling happy

We’ll investigate as we continue to dig through all the Spring Update content! For now, you can check out our guide to most of the Spring Update (including orchids, fresh water, and seasonal dyes) and our notes on how to use the new dying feature to customize your decorations.

We’ve got the full details here for the Spring Update (both the free update and the New Neighbears DLC) right here, courtesy of Spry Fox!

The New Neighbears DLC is out right now on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation for $6.99.

The New Neighbears DLC includes:

  • Four new bears with full storylines
  • New outfits that match the new bears
  • An exclusive rainbow cat
  • A peaceful new background music track
  • A new critter to catch, butterflies
  • 50 extra closet storage spots

In addition, the free for everyone Spring Festival brings Ms. Carouse back to the island along with a new type of flower, adorable ducklings in need of guidance, and more. A new permanent feature, the decoration dye system, enables you to customize the colors of your decorations.

As usual, when I cover Cozy Grove, I’ll add the disclosure that I worked with Kris Lorischild, one of the original game’s writers, back at (the forerunner to