Cozy Grove Spring Update: How to Find Dyes

Cozy Grove’s free spring update lets you get creative with dyes and use the power of flowers to customize your decorations.

As a daily Cozy Grove player (a Cozy Grover, you might say), I’ve been waiting for the Spring Update with bated breath. I’m also pretty pumped about today’s DLC, the first paid expansion pack for the game, called the New Neighbears DLC! We wrote about saying goodbye to four bear friends earlier, and we’ll be meeting our new bear buddies tomorrow!

But the Cozy Grove Spring Update (which is free!) has plenty of excellent features: many of which we’ll see in tomorrow’s Spring Festival activities. Today, you can get started on dyes: a new crafting item you can make with your tins of flower pigment. Dyes are used to customize your decorations, so now you can really start to work with colors and shades and make your island even more your own!

Where To Get Started

Your colorful adventure starts with Francesca DuClaw, the recycling bear. She has brand new options for you beyond the usual dialogue and recycling prompts: the ability to “craft something” (craft dyes!) and dye something. You’ll need tins of flower pigment to make the base dyes, and then you’ll be able to mix dyes to get new ones.

cozy grove mild mint dye

Once you have a dye project ready (a dye and a decoration in mind), you can use the “I want to dye something” option to get cracking. Select the dye you’d like to use and the object you want to use it on, check out the new paint job in the UI, and viola! You have a newly-shaded decoration to play with.

cozy grove dye menu

Note that certain dyes only work with certain decorations. For example, some can be used on items of a certain rarity or without the fence tag. But there is plenty of room for expression, and there are many shades of paint to try out!

cozy grove dying process

Where to Find Tins of Flower Pigment

If you’ve been playing Cozy Grove for some time, you likely have a few flower patches going, which you can harvest for blossoms. Blossoms, in turn, can be donated to Captain Snout’s collection when you first come across a particular variety or sold to Mr. Kit at his store. You have always been able to recycle blossoms into tins of flower pigment (always a necessary crafting ingredient). You still can and should since that’s where to get the resource for your dyes.

cozy grove potted flower plants

You can always buy flowers at Mr. Kit’s store, and he typically has a few varieties of both the potted flowers and the flowering bushes. Like all animals and harvestable plants in the game, flowers do have affinities, so be sure to group them with decorations that match their desires! Potted flowers like other potted flower plants, light (from any lamp), and natural items. They dislike rustic decorations, so beware of the debuff there. Flowering bushes like other flowering bushes, lamps, and natural decor, but they dislike common items. Surround them with the things they like to get them to the full “three leaf” yield.

I’ve got the full details here for the spring update (both the free update and the DLC) right here, courtesy Spry Fox!

The New Neighbears DLC is out right now on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation for USD $6.99.

The New Neighbears DLC includes:

  • Four new bears with full storylines
  • New outfits that match the new bears
  • An exclusive rainbow cat
  • A peaceful new background music track
  • A new critter to catch, butterflies
  • 50 extra closet storage spots

In addition, the free for everyone Spring Festival brings Ms. Carouse back to the island along with a new type of flower, adorable ducklings in need of guidance, and more. A new permanent feature, the decoration dye system, enables you to customize the colors of your decorations.

As usual, when I cover Cozy Grove, I’ll add the disclosure that I worked with Kris Lorischild, one of the original game’s writers, back at (the forerunner to