Counter:Side Reroll Guide – Best Character to Reroll For (June 2022)

Hunting for Awakened Hilde? Here's how to reroll your account in Counter:Side.

Gacha games that feature a huge cast of characters have an inherent power ranking system. Some units are simply better than others, and for many players, they want the most powerful units they can get. To start off strong, many players will “reroll” their account — create an account, roll for specific units, and, if they don’t get those units, start all over again. Counter:Side is a little different in that regard, so if you’re a little confused, look no further — here’s a guide on how to reroll in Counter:Side.

Should You Reroll in Counter:Side?

This question pops up a lot: is it necessary to reroll in Counter:Side? The answer is it depends on what you want. The game gives you a free 30 rerolls when you create an account, and many of the game’s top units are obtainable via these freebies.

If you are aiming for Awakened Hilde (and you should at least think about it because she is hands down one of the best units in the game), you have to temporarily sacrifice your first New CEO Recruitment rolls. If you do not care for Awakened Hilde, then you don’t need to worry about it and can play as normal. Awakened Hilde is a very potent defender that solves any PVE tank problems you may have, and in Counter:Side PVP, she is nearly unstoppable.

How to Reroll

  1. Create a Guest Account: At the title screen, make sure you login using a Guest Account.
  2. Complete the Tutorial: The tutorial will take you just under 10 minutes to complete. You will know you’ve completed the tutorial when you reach the lobby and the game attempts to force you to roll on the New CEO Recruitment banner.
  3. Force-quit the game at the New CEO Recruitment Banner: This allows you to keep the 1,000 bonus Quartz the game gives you without requiring you to spend it on this banner. Instead, you can save it for the Black Tickets pack and a chance at Awakened Hilde. Load back into the game.
  4. Selective Recruitment Banner: Your target is Nanahara Chifuyu (not Nanahara Chinatsu). Even in KR and SEA, she is an absolute monster in all game modes, and you want her almost as badly as you want Awakened Hilde. Reroll this banner until she pops up and then accept the results. Some other units that are quite good to get as bonuses are Evelyn Keller and Administration Rifleman — Keller for her absolutely dominant healing capabilities and Rifleman for extremely high DPS.
  5. Accept your mail rewards and continue the Tutorial: However, do not spend any Quartz quite yet. Once you complete the entire Tutorial (Episode 1 Act 1), you will have access to the entire lobby.
  6. Buy the Classified Recruitment Package: Head to Shop, then Permanent Packs, and finally Classified Recruitment Package. This will grant you 11 pulls for just under 3,000 Quartz. Spend them on the Awakened Hilde Banner and pray.
  7. Accept or Reroll: Got Awakened Hilde? Congrats, you’re finished! If not, head to the Manage Account section of your game menu (top right widget) and hit the “Delete Account” button. Start back at the beginning and try again.

We recommend using Bluestacks for this process until the official PC Client releases for Global, as that can speed the process up significantly. Altogether, this entire process should only take around 15 minutes per reroll. Once you’re happy with the account, make sure you bind it with your Google Account or some other social media link, and check out our codes guide to get even more free items.