Counter:Side Coupon Codes Guide – Free Quartz, Tickets (June 2022)

Get some free summons with these Counter:Side coupon codes.

Counter:Side is definitely not your normal gacha game. Deploying units to march across a map sounds easy, but it actually requires some planning and knowledge. At the end of the day though, it is a numbers game — and bigger numbers are always better. If you need some help getting started in Counter:Side, you’ll be glad to know the developers have released a handful of codes that grant some useful items. In this guide, we’ve got a list of codes for you to use, as well as the method for how to redeem them in-game.

Confirmed Working Counter:Side Codes (June 2022)

The codes below are confirmed to be working and will grant you free Quartz, Summoning Tickets, Credits, and Eternium:

  • CSTRAILER — 1,000 Quartz
  • CSGBLDL100K — 500 Quartz, 10 S-APT Cores, 10,000 Eternium
  • CSGLOBAL2022 — 1,000 Quartz, 10 Blue Tickets, 1,000 Credits
  • CSGBL2ENDOU — 1,000 Info, 100,000 Credits, 10,000 Eternium

Expired Codes


As with codes for other games, these codes can become invalid at any time and for any reason, so be sure to claim them before they’re gone. As new codes become available (and old codes become unavailable), we’ll update this list. If Counter:Side follows the patterns of most other gacha games, you can expect one or two codes a month. If you’re unsure of how to redeem these codes, keep scrolling for a quick guide.

Counter:Side Hilde Splash Art

How to Redeem Counter:Side Codes

Collecting your freebies isn’t that time-consuming. However, it will require you to have completed Chapter 1, Act 1 (otherwise known as “The Tutorial”) before you can collect them. To do this, simply load up the game and head to the setting options (top-right corner). Tap on “Manage Account” and find the “Enter coupon” box. Input a code and you’re all set — the items will appear in your mailbox shortly. Make sure you redeem these items before your expiration date in your mailbox — once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

If you’re looking for an ideal way to spend your free currency, we recommend spending your Quartz in the following ways:

  • Refresh the shop five times daily: Each refresh has a chance to get a Blue Ticket to appear, whih is a cheaper way to summon from the gacha than just spending Quartz directly.
  • Purchase Black Tickets: 2,700 Quartz nets you 220 Black Tickets, which translates to 11 pulls on the Awakened Banner weekly. This is a must if you didn’t reroll and get Awakened Hilde from the start.
  • Expand Inventories: Only purchase these as you need them and save your Quartz otherwise. You will likely not need to expand your inventory until more units are released, but a couple upgrades wouldn’t break your Quartz bank.

It is not recommended to spend Quartz on banners directly — over time, you will be able to get more bang for your buck by sticking to the spending strategies listed above.

That’s everything you need to know about Counter:Side codes. Free Quartz and Eternium is never a bad thing, but again, make sure you redeem those codes as soon as you can before they get taken down. Good luck with your gacha pulls, Administrators!