Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide — Touc’s Trade Harbor Second Ship

Finally, Cookie Run: Kingdom has multiple trade harbor ships.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest update is here, bringing us Cherry Blossom Cookie and her banner, seasonal decors, more costumes, three new events, performance improvements, and even some new bonds. But there’s one little part of the update you don’t want to overlook: the expansion of Touc’s Trade Harbor. It’s a farming tool used best by late-game players who can produce a lot of expensive goods in a single day, and the only place to consistently farm Legendary soulstones and Guild Relics.

The language of Touc’s Trade Harbor always implied you’d have multiple ships to trade with, but this wasn’t the case — until now. As long as your Cookie Castle is level 12 or higher, go to the harbor and you’ll find a new button on the right just above Touc’s head— it’s labeled Dock 2. Clicking on it brings you to the presently empty second dock, which you can unlock for 5,000 Rainbow Pearls. The docks roll their 2x Cargo Items separately from one another but otherwise function exactly the same.

5,000 Rainbow Pearls is a pretty hefty sum for any player, especially if you’ve been snatching up all those soulstones every three days. Most players will need to farm specifically for the harbor expansion, which begs the question: is it worth it?

Players in the early to mid-game will struggle to halfway fill even a single trade ship every day, so they should remain focused on the various soulstones available in the Rainbow Shell Gallery, and can otherwise ignore the expansion. On the other hand, this is a long-awaited update for those in the late game. The separate 2x Cargo Item pools mean the chances of being asked for goods that are easier to produce are effectively doubled, so you should always be able to fill at least one of the two ships. And if you follow the law of the land (Always Be Producing), then two ships means twice the trade rewards.

If you’re struggling to farm up those Rainbow Pearls, I’d recommend keeping Glazed Rings in constant production as your premier trade good. They’re quite expensive and time-consuming, but their position as the first (and for a while, only) good in the Jewelry Salon means you aren’t missing out on making something else. They’re worth 4,789 trade points, so just 10 Glazed Rings and a handful of jellyberries or milk will fill a trade ship to the brim.

If you’re lucky enough to get the 2x Cargo Item bonus, that’s a whopping 9,578 trade points, allowing you to fill the trade ship with just four rings and a handful of materials. Additionally, you should always send the trade ships off as early in the day as you can. This way, the next day’s 2x Cargo Items will be revealed, and you can begin production and planning immediately.