COD Warzone Yellow Access Card Guide – How to Get the Yellow Keycard

A new season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has released. Along with new operators, weapons, multiplayer maps, and balance changes, the beloved Warzone game mode has also received some alterations. This comes in the form of new Points of Interest (POI), zombies, and another collection of event challenges for players to complete. Unsurprisingly, there are a few secrets tied to the Shipwreck POI, such as a mysterious yellow chest inside the boat. When approached, players will be asked to use a Yellow Access Card, which is a new item added into the game this season.

Here’s how to get this keycard and what your rewards are for opening this new chest.

How to Get the Yellow Access Card

To get the Yellow Access Card you need to pick it up from the last zombie killed in the Shipwreck POI. At this location, if you interact with a console on the middle floor of the ship 40 zombies will spawn and attack players on the boat. These ghouls will swarm anyone near them, but they typically stay in the underbelly or broken cargo room that you can drive into. Upon killing the last zombie, it will drop the Yellow Access Card on the ground which you can pick up. It will not be instantly added to your inventory. Once acquired, a yellow icon will appear on your HUD, indicating where the yellow chest is located.

Getting this keycard sounds easy, but it actually can be fairly tricky right now. There are a ton of players dropping at Shipwreck at the moment, so even being alive when the zombies spawn is a challenge. If you manage to survive, the zombies will appear on your mini-map as red dots and a kill counter will appear on your HUD. This will show how many zombies out of 40 have been killed. Keep in mind you do not need to kill every zombie for the Yellow Access Card to spawn, only the last one. The method of execution also doesn’t matter, but I recommend a shotgun or silenced weapon. The former is terrific for fast kills and the latter will keep you off enemy radar’s while you slaughter the undead.

Try to not fight in a small room, as these ghouls deal a lot of damage if they manage to close the gap. I prefer to herd them outside where I have a lot of space to run, but this will also leave you exposed. Because of this, the large broken cargo area is the best area to kill the zombies.

If you’re lucky enough, like I somehow was in one game, to get the keycard and make it to the chest you’ll get a ton of great loot. This includes a self revive, gas mask, armor satchel, weapon, and 3,500 dollars to spend. I opened my chest in the Solo mode, so I’m unsure if you get even more rewards for doing it in Duos, Trios, or Quads. There is only one swarm of zombies and a single chest, so you’ll want to drop at Shipwreck right away if you want this chest. There is no extra reward for opening the chest, but you will probably knock out a few Outbreak Event challenges by killing the undead.